• MEK ex-membersMKO former member open letter to Vidal-Quadras

    MKO former member open letter to Vidal-Quadras

    I am responding to your recent speeches in the European Parliament..Do you have any idea what your Rajavi has done to us? The beatings, humiliation, swearing and constant mental pressure aimed at anyone who wants to leave, or even to say anything critical of what…

  • MEK ex-membersLetter to the Representative of Portugal in EP

    Letter to the Representative of Portugal in EP

    We, the victims of this inhumane and suppressive cult (Rajavi’s Cult/MKO/MEK/PMOI) would like to further inform you that the existence of this cult is very dangerous not only for its own members who have been trapped for decades in the notorious Ashraf-garrison in Iraq, but…



    We are all surprised that MR. VIDAL QUADRASS is helping and backing up such a cruel and bloodthirsty cult which has committed numerous crimes not only against its own members but also against the people of Iraq. Before MR. VIDAL QUADRASS, MR. CASACA, a politician…

  • IraqLetter to the Honorable Mr. Nuri AL-Maleki

    Letter to the Honorable Mr. Nuri AL-Maleki

    On Monday April 20th, a group of former members of PMOI submitted a letter addressed to The Prime Minister of Iraq, to the authorities of the Iraq Embassy in Paris regarding to their support of Iraq government’s recent decision of shutting down ASHRAF- Garrison in…

  • MEK ex-membersA meeting of Ancient Iran, Glorious Future

    A meeting of Ancient Iran, Glorious Future

    deliberation on the current conditions of Mojahedin after the removal of the EU terrorist entities’ list, current developments of the Ashraf Garrison and reflection of the imminent outcomes of Masood Rajavi’s recent message.

  • FranceMr.Kouchner; P.M.O.I is a terrorist cult

    Mr.Kouchner; P.M.O.I is a terrorist cult

    We are ready to testify against the crimes that PMOI have done . We are all victims of this cult whom have been tortured physically and psychologically by the cultic criminals in this notorious cult. PMOI is a terrorist organization and should face the consequences…

  • Human Rights Abuse within Mujahedin Khalq OrganizationHonorable Doctors Without Borders

    Honorable Doctors Without Borders

    On Wednesday 11th of Feb 2009, a group of separated veteran members of the PMOI had a meeting with the authorities of Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in PARIS and they submitted a letter regarding their concerns about psychological pressures and an imposed unlimited…

  • MEK ex-membersAppeal to supporters of MKO/MEK

    Appeal to supporters of MKO/MEK

    As you know there are more than 3000 members of MKO stationed in Iraq on an isolated location called Camp Ashraf (or Ashraf City as is also known). Here they have been imprisoned since 2003 after the fall of Saddam Hussein.As relations between the governments…

  • The cult of RajaviHow cults work?

    How cults work?

    There is no meaningful difference between a cult and a religion in terms of faith, morality or spirituality. The primary differences are that a "cult" operates outside of mainstream society, often calls on its followers to make an absolute commitment to the group and typically…

  • BelgiumMeeting with Senator Luc Willems of Belgium

    Meeting with Senator Luc Willems of Belgium

    AS the head of the judiciary committee of Belgium, Mr. Willems also overlooks the state of cults within Belgium. Mr. Behzad Alishahi & Karim Haggi explained in detail their own personal experience with the cult of Mojahedin. They went into great details of the inner…

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