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A meeting of Ancient Iran, Glorious Future

A meeting of Ancient Iran, Glorious Future (AIGF) in Paris

deliberation on the current conditions of Mojahedin after the removal of the EU terrorist entities’ list, current developments of the Ashraf Garrison and reflection of the imminent outcomes of Masood Rajavi’s recent message.


Dated February 21 of 2009, a 6-hour gathering held with the presence of separated ex-members of the People Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) in Paris. Most of these former members have already been emancipated from the cage of Ashraf Garrison and reached the European states. In this get-together, the latest developments of the Ashraf Garrison and critical conditions of the incarcerated victims were discussed and the participants implored the Iraqi govt. to spread out its human efforts with the aiming of creature of the free space for victims’ families visit away from Mojahedin officials’ interventions and intrusions. The précis of the partakers’ views is as underneath.

deliberation on the current conditions of Mojahedin after the removal of the EU terrorist


In the opening, Mr. Karim Haghi, one of the Mojahedin former top officials put forward some questions pertaining to the past and existing developments of the Mojahedin. Subsequently, the Mojahedin victims replied the proposed questions in conformity with their visual observations as outlined beneath:

Mr. Engineer Hassan piransar: the Mojahedin cult leadership, Masood Rajavi, and Maryam Rajavi left their victims by themselves and fled at any historic juncture and dilemma to save their own lives. Masood Rajavi and Maryam Rajavi were the first who escaped the scene of war. In the military rules, the commander is the last one who leaves the war field. This reality shows that this leadership does not pay the cost of his action from his own pocket…. One of the ways to put pressure on the Iraqi govt. is to resort hunger strike versus the Ashraf garrison victims’ willing. The Mojahedin in charges compel the victims to go on hunger strike by means of threat…. afterward apprehend of Maryam Rajavi, the top officials of the cult asked the whole subordinates to commit self-burning suicide in the Ashraf garrison and the around of this base. Nevertheless, no one accepted the top officials’ demands. From then on, the question arose among the subordinates that, if the self-burning suicide is a correct and revolutionary action, why the cult top officials do not commit so…


Mr. Nader Naderi, an ex-member of the Mojahedin cult who has taken part in the Mojahedin military hostilities against Kurdish not guilty people, confessed the terrible scenes of the Kurds genocide and carnage. Such as a woman commander called Maboobeh ordered her subordinates to open a fire on a residential place occupied by many people on the contrary to her subordinates’ objections…

Mr. Hamid Siah Mansouri: Masood Rajavi’s latest message is an evident symptom of the violation of international laws owing to ignoring the right of national sovereignty of Iraq through frequent threats. He aroused the Ashraf victims for hunger strike followed by commit suicide and self-burning. According to the principles of the UN charter, Iraq govt. can work out the pre-emptive actions to defend its territory that facing jeopardy and insecurity.

Mr. Mansoor Nazari: now, Masood and Maryam Rajavi claim that the extradition to Iran is a “crime against humanity” but they themselves have already exercised these action frequent years and sent the dissidents of Mojahedin cult to Iran to pretext that there was no dissident surrounded by the cult. This cult killed the ones who had decided to abandon the cult as Saied Noroozi and Saied Kiani and the rest.

Mr. Mohammad Razaghi, a former member of Mojahedin cult: according to Rajavi’s rule, nobody was allowed to meet his or her family within the cultic relations. What happen? In addition, what has been changed? Nowadays, Rajavi has become an advocate of the family relations and feelings. Following the put an end to Saddam Hussein dictatorship, the Mojahedin cult top officials were unexpectedly surprised because, they bumped into a new phenomenon called ‘family’. So that they didn’t want the victims’ families to enter the Ashraf garrison. Therefore, they claimed that these families are the mercenaries of the Iranian Secret Service and asked Americans to detain them then American military forces took in for questioning these families ensuing Americans found out that they were victims’ families after a few hours.

Other victims at this gathering confirmed the above-mentioned bitter realties and expressed their terrible conditions under the control of Mujahidin

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