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MEK member reveals the group’s secret meeting content

Exclusive: In Leaked Audio, Unfaithful MKO Leader Calls US Presidents ‘Criminal’

A top leader of the Mujahedhin-e Khalq Organization (MKO) calls the US an imperialist regime, and accuses its presidents – from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama – of committing crimes against the terrorist cult, a leaked audio released by the Iran Front Page reveals.

Mehdi Abrishamchi, a founding member of the anti-Iran terror group, made the remarks in a secret intra-organizational meeting, whose contents have been leaked by an MKO member.

After carrying out a chain of terrorist attacks in Iran, Abrishamchi fled the country along with a number of his comrades, including his wife Maryam Qajar-Azodanlu. However, he was later forced to divorce his wife at the request of then MKO leader Masoud Rajavi, who later married Maryam. Abrishamchi even surprised observers by attending their wedding ceremony.

The leaked audio of Abrishamchi’s speech at a gathering of the most trusted members of the Rajavi cult indicates his deep dissatisfaction with the regional approach adopted by many of US presidents, from Bill Clinton to George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

One of the reasons for his dissatisfaction is the US’ invasion of Iraq, which resulted in the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, and according to Abrishamchi, the growth of Iran’s influence in the Arab country.

He also blasts Bill Clinton for designating the MKO as a Foreign Terrorist Organization, arguing that committing acts of terrorism inside Iran is their “right”.

Without referring to the US support for the terrorist cult, the senior MKO member lashes out at the US presidents with a humiliating tone, and does not even exclude Donald Trump, whose administration has become known as a staunch supporter of the MKO.

In his remarks, he does not point to his organization’s friendly relations with Trump’s national security advisor John Bolton, his personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and a number of other notorious US hawks who earlier delivered speeches at the MKO gatherings.

Even in one of his MKO speeches, Bolton promised they would celebrate their victory in Tehran in 2019.

Despite the explicit support of senior Trump administration officials for the MKO at their gatherings, Abrishamchi says he does not pin any hope on Trump, and just wishes the US president would not harm them.

The MKO group, known in Iran as the Monafiqeen (‘the hypocrites’), are known to be divided in their political, social, and organizational behaviours.

What follows is the leaked audio of Abrishamchi’s remarks:

By IFP Editorial Staff

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