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MKO member reveals group’s criminal record

Batul Soltani, former member of the leadership council of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq group revealed some of the group’s crimes in Iraq, IRIB reported from Iraq on Saturday.
Batul Soltani, 42, from Isfahan province said," I was a member of MKO group and then became a member of the leadership council of the group. I escaped from Ashraf Camp and exited Iraq in January 2008 because of the devil and inhumane behaviors of the group leaders."

She said that the MKO forced its members to divorce from their wives and leave their children adding," I have no news about my children —- Miad, 6 months and Hajar Moradi, 5 —- who are far from me."

The MKO member said she set a complaint against the group to the Iraqi courts adding," I return to Iraq to obtain news about my husband and children. I will choose an attorney to free them."

"I am ready to testify in Iraqi Judiciary court against the cooperation of MKO and former Iraqi troops on massacring the Iraqi people in 1991 Intifada," she underlined.
She said that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hossein granted a lot of money to the group adding," MKO invested the money for its companies in and out of Iraq and used it for its activities."

Soltani said the shareholders of MKO companies are some certain Iraqi people but they deposit the money to the accounts of the group.
She underlined that MKO had much influence in Iraqi electoral offices and helped its supporters.
Soltani called for Iraqi government and the International Community to pressure the group and close Ashraf Camp in Iraq.

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