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Western countries revising their decisions on MEK !

Maryam Rajavi

In the recent Islamic Consultative Assembly election in Iran, the Fundamentalists took over the parliamentary majority with the majority of the popular vote, and in fact the Reformists lost their popularity among the people; Generally Fundamentalists are more loyal to their red lines and welfare of the people and are always more serious than the reformists in dealing with the US; in Iranian history, whenever the nation has been seriously opposed to the demands of Western countries, it has been Western countries that have turned to Iran and show their kind faces and, on the contrary, when Iran treat them with open arms and welcomed them, they got more greedy and have shown disrespect towards Iran. What has happened in Iran and in the international arena in recent years is that with powering Mr. Rouhani’s government, which is a moderate and negotiating government with western countries, when United States and Western countries see Iran at the negotiating table, they think that this negotiation is out of weakness and with greedy expectations they put Iran on a dangerous path, and as a result, even with Iran’s acceptance of the JCPOA and the fulfilment of its obligations, their demands will not end and practically they break the agreement or they don’t abide to their commitments and demand extra points.
The same thing happened in the military scene and with Iran’s inactivity on the political scene the US mobilizes all the opposition groups such as Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) and Monarchists, against Iran and even allow itself to assassinate the high rank Iranian general Qasem Soleimani, but when Iran launches missiles at US bases in Iraq in response to this brutal assassination, and when the United States sees Iran’s anger, Pompeo urges American diplomats to cut ties with MEK and other anti-Iranian groups, and on the other hand, they urge Iran to return to the negotiations.

Let’s take a look at one of the groups supported by the United States, the MEK, a group that was on the US list of terrorist groups until 2012.

This terrorist cult has been rejected by several governments around the world and, primarily it seems to have lost its power due to the high age of its members, who practically can no longer do anything but to create false propaganda against Iran using thousands of fake accounts, something which was revealed a while ago by Intercept news agency’s article about Heshmat Alavi’s fake identity.

As it can be seen in history, the Mojahedin-e Khalq was founded in 1965 with the aim of armed struggle with the Shah’s regime and during its fight, it assassinated 6 American advisers and bombed several US affiliated companies in Tehran. After 1979 Islamic Revolution, MEK who were not elected by the people to the legislative and presidential posts, and so on, began to make tension and assassinations in the new born Islamic Revolution, which some of these include the bombing the office of the Islamic Republic Party that led to assassination of more than 72 members of this Party, and bombing the office of Prime Minister of Iran, which led to assassination of Mohammad Ali Rajaei and Mohammad Javad Bahonar, the president and prime minister of Iran in that time.

They also had no merci to innocent people and for the guilt of being a fan of Islamic Republic, assassinated so many people, that they didn’t even have mercy on women, children and infants. At the outbreak of war between Iran and the Iraqi Ba’ath Party, the cult of MEK joined Saddam in the war against their own country and betrayed its own people by massacring them. People still have painful memories of this group for decades now, and most of Iranian families have usually lost a member of their family in these cowardly assassinations; they always consider the MEK as a terrorists and a traitor and deeply believe that they have no popularity and social place in Iran with assassination of 12000 Iranians.

In 2001, the MEK by spreading rumors that Iran is making nuclear weapons, cased United States to put some sanctions against Iran. They firmly call for a US war on Iran, and there have been many rumors and lies about Iran’s production of weapons of mass destruction in some places, to force the United States into a devastating war with this country, but each time their lies got exposed by the visit of the Atomic Energy Inspector of that place. It is better to say that MEK with producing lies and rumors against Iran are actually playing the same role as Ahmad Chalabi played in the US-Iraq war. It is along this connection that the CNN article “Pompeo orders diplomats not to meet with Iranian opposition groups amid tensions” on January 8, 2020, which is about the disconnection between American politicians and MEK, be justified.

In fact, MEK are influencing on politicians and intends to empowering its political figures in different countries that make that country to act against Iran as it did in the case of Spanish VOX Party, and while they had spent about a million dollars on the group, they were defeated in the last year’s elections and the rival party, the Socialists, won more seats in the Spanish parliament, and according to the El Pais article “Iranian exile financed 80% of the 2014 Vox campaign” on 13 January, 2019, or “El exilio iraní pagó ocho meses los sueldos de Abascal y Espinosa” on 28 January 2020, now they lost their fans in Spain because they have bought some figures to work for them against Iran.

This intervening in the political affairs of different European and American countries is to such an extent that even the European Parliament has limited MEK’s access to this Parliament sections which are active in Iranian issues in accordance with LobeLog article “Nobody Can Be “Comfortable” With Regime Change Involving MEK” on 22 August 2019.

France also for decades has been a safe haven for this terrorist group, according to LobeLoge article “Is France Moving Against The MEK?” on 6th of November 2019, last year France didn’t allow MEK to hold its annual conference on the outskirt of Paris, which led to some doubts on its relations with this country and many critics see the move as the first step to expel this group from French soil, which is considered the cradle of human rights around the world. If France expels MEK in light of the doubts which have been made, they will move completely to Albania, their new home. Where MEK has endangered the sovereignty of the Albanian government in this country.

According to articles published in various news agencies around the world, it seems that this terrorist cult has lost its place among the countries and anti-Iranian organizations of the world, as well as the high age of its members and the lack of practical usage of the group’s capabilities against Iran, it can be concluded that the group is in the way toward inexistency and any time the group’s financial resources is being cut off from the United States and Saudi Arabia, they would be like a brain dead patient who is cut off from the resuscitation system, and for sure they will immediately destroyed and disintegrated. It should be noted that like many who fled from this terrorist cult at the time of the group’s move to Albania, most of the remaining members now want to leave and return to their homeland, but are unable to escape due to the old age and spend the last years of their lives in a nursing home called Camp Ashraf 3.

Alireza Niknam, geopolitica.ru

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