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Families of MEK members pen letter to Mr. Josep Borrell

Mr. JOSEP BORREL, The Esteemed High Representative of EU for Foreign Affairs

Dear Josep Borrell
High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
Respectfully، we _ as families of Mojahedeen Khalq’s members (known as MKO or MEK) from Ardabil Province of Iran_ find it necessary to inform you some matters over that group and members trapped in.
For long years، we’re awaiting and praying for coming back our dears to home، with the hearts full of hope and grief.

As you know، Mko، with the history indicating violence and terrorism، has been resided in Iraq for years. and now، this group has gradually moved to Albania according to multilateral arrangements.
The families was banned from any forms of contacts with own dears on the basis of orders the Mko’s leaders and threathening members during past years. So، any contacts with Mko’s members has became impossible specially after moving to Albania. this caused to concerns and distresses for awaiting families.

Dear Sir
Writers of letter would appreciate if you would meet following demands.
_The members present in Mko camps trapped in a real political Cult with a terrorist background in which members are controlled and ruled by Mko’s leaders using psychologic methods over brainwashing and mind/mental control. thus، members do not have any right to freely determanation for own lives. consequently، those are forced to absolute subbordination while being deprived from any fundamenal rights and liberties of mankind.

Unfortunately، European Eunion (EU) removed the MKO from its 7 list of terrorist organizations in 2009 during an unclear and disputable process!! in spite of being the various evidences and records indicating continual resorting to violence by Mko.

Sadly، Albanian officials recently (as the host state) started unusual and disputable cooperation with Mko’s leaders in particular suppressing members wishing to leave group or members opposed to its activities، while obvious turning in foreign policy positions toward Iran. so far as it leads to severe critics by Albanian non_state/independent organs and even some scholars.

As matters said above، our demand from High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy _given that some considerations over physical and mental situation of members_ is providing circumstanses _to any possible methods_ for visiting or freely making contact between members with families under control EU or UN bodies.

We will appreciate your reply

Best regards,

The list of members involved _trapped_ in mko from Ardabil Province of Iran:
Naser Gholipour
Hossein Samadi
Azim Ershadi
Reza Azizadeh
Salman Dolatpanah
Hasan Basharati
Barat Abdoli
Galil Arasi
Ali Yousefi Sadat
Rahmat Alizadeh
Fereydoon Parvaresh
Saleh Nasiri
Zaman MehdiZadeh
Matlab Nazari
Kiomars Sohbatzadeh
Mahbob Sabahati
Youssef Shabani
Samie Nazeri
Haj Mohammadi
Amir Aslan Hassanzadeh
Hamdaleh Mastaneh
Javed SuleimanJah
Hafez Nosrati
Asad Asadzadeh
Barat Rabiei

– international Red Cross
-Josep Borrell, EU foreign policy representative
-European Union Representation Office in the Republic of Albania
-Mr. Luigi Soreca Head of EU Delegation to Albania
-Elizabeth Tichie Fiesberger, President of the United Nations Human Rights Council
-Representation of the European Parliament in stabilizing EU-Albania relations

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