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Letter of the families of MEK members residing in Albania

To the UNHCR, and the Albanian Ministry of the Interior

With regards

As you are aware, we have waited for many years for the opportunity to visit our loved ones who are held captive inside the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi cult). We have communicated many, many times with various national and international organizations. But so far, we have had not received any reply indicating that we do have the right to meet with our relatives. Many fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters who desired to visit their loved ones have passed away without being able to do so.

With reference to the abusive nature of the Rajavi cult, as evidenced by many former members, and the fact that the members are subject to psychological manipulation, we urge you to respect our basic humanitarian rights and let us visit our loved ones. We also urge you to let our loved ones, held captive inside the cult, know about and benefit from their international and financial rights. You already know that these individuals, who are victims of a destructive mind-control cult, are deprived of their basic rights.

Over the past few years, many members of the Rajavi cult have been able to break through the mental as well as physical boundaries and step back into the normal world and are now living freely in Iran or other countries. These individuals have exposed the brutal relationship inside the cult and have met with international bodies and have written to the press and been active on the internet to talk about this.

This includes members of the Rajavi cult who had been sent into Iran to conduct violent terrorist operations but who changed their minds after being arrested and learned about the nature of their deeds. They have spoken out against the MEK and condemned the group for brainwashing its followers in order to get them to commit crimes. These former members enjoyed amnesty afterwards and went back to normal life.

Officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran have stated on many occasions that: “those who did not participate in armed struggle and did not commit murder can freely come back to Iran provided they have rejected the cult”. Over the years, many individuals have left the group and returned to Iran and resumed a normal life and were not prosecuted unless they had committed ordinary small offenses.

The attitude of the Islamic Republic towards the MEK members is that they have been deceived by the cult leaders and are therefore themselves victims, needing help from outside. According to Islamic teachings they must be treated in such a way that they are able to return to normal life with their families.

We, the families of the members captured mentally and physically inside the Rajavi cult, urge you prepare the grounds for our loved ones to be able to have access to their families and to the outside world and to be able to know what is going on in the world and decide freely what they would like to do and to choose their own futures.

Kind Regards,

Families of MEK members

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