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Students Stand Up To Modern Slavery

My Freedom Day

CNN reported on February 5, 2020 that right now, 40 million people are trapped in modern slavery. The report indicates that a worldwide campaign has been called for March 11, 2020 #MyFreedomDay against the phenomena. Students have organized events for the day to highlight the issue of modern slavery and celebrate freedom.

My Freedom Day

What exactly is modern slavery?

Modern slavery is pretty much defined the same way as slavery throughout human history has been defined. Slavery occurs when one person controls another person, through violence, the threat of violence or by mind manipulation and thought control, in order to exploit them, economically, sexually or otherwise, and the victim is not free, physically or mentally or both, to walk away.

The biggest difference is that modern slavery is usually hidden and it’s more complicated and difficult to identify. It could be a woman trafficked or kidnapped and made to work in a brothel in Europe, or a man threatened with being killed or mutilated if he doesn’t work in the fields, or a child forced to do dangerous work in gold mines or on fishing boats, or someone who has been brainwashed inside a destructive mind control cult to become a robotic worker. None of these people get paid and none of them are able to escape for fear of violence against them or their families, or for fear of being doomed or cursed by the cult leader.

Cults are destructive


MEK, an extreme example

The notorious camp of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult) in Manez in Albania is a very clear and extreme case of holding modern slaves. These individuals have been subject to mind manipulation and brainwashing over many years in Iraq and now in Albania and they are forced to commit crimes such as terrorism, human trafficking, money laundry, fraud, robbery and forging documents.

The MEK operates as a destructive, mind control cult. The organization forbids love, familial relationships, voluntary exit, and contact with the outside world, in particular with friends and families, enjoying privacy of thoughts and an individual lifestyle, criticism of the leader, and denies many other basic human rights to its members.

Members are not paid in any form and they work round the clock seven days a week without any day off or vacation. The leaders even control their beliefs and opinions. They endure communal living with the minimum of health and welfare.

This CNN campaign should have an eye on this matter too. MEK members are trapped in a remote isolated camp run by cult leaders. They have no contact with the outside world, and they do not have any way out. Unfortunately, the Albanian government which hosts them cooperates with the cult for their own short term political and financial benefits.

These cult members, modern slaves, are very much looking forward to their eventual freedom.

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