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The end of modern slavery

Verdict: to arrest three leading officials of the MKO on kidnapping and hostage taking charges

The efforts made by Mostafa Mohammadi and his wife Mahbubeh with the support of their children Mohammad, Morteza, and Hurieh who are in Canada for three months have paid off. Accepting every risk in Iraq and with the support of human rights activists and the people of Iraq and some of the former members and the families of the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MKO) members the Mohammadis brought their case before an Iraqi court. They charged that they had been beaten and an attempt at kidnap was made by members of the MKO on 7 December 2007. They also protested to the court against the captivity of their daughter Somayeh who was taken to Camp Ashraf in Iraq in 1998 when she was 17 and charged that their son Mohammad Mohammadi was detained illegally by the MKO for five years from 1999 when he was only 15 years old.

The Mohammadi family approached human rights organizations and an Iraqi attorney alolng with UN officials in Iraq and some Iraqi government ministers. The fruit of their efforts was that the judge of the Baghdad Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant against Abbas Davari, the political liaison of MKO in Camp Ashraf, Mozhgan Parsaii, the Commander of Rajavi’s army in Iraq and Sediqeh Hoseini, the Secretary General of the MKO on the charges of kidnapping and taking hostages. The judge also ordered that Somayeh must be taken away from Camp Ashraf and the MKO must pay compensation to the Mohammadi family.

This is the first official verdict against the MKO by the Iraqi Judicial system and has been issued by one of the highest and most influential courts in Baghdad.

Regarding the verdict given by the court, the Mohammadi family is continuing their campaign to finally release their captive daughter from the hands of the destructive, terrorist MKO cult. They hope that they can start a move to end the modern slavery of the Rajavi Cult. Many individuals were taken to Iraq by Rajavi when they were underage and forced to work hard and as a result many of them suffer from various mental and physical disorders.

The Mohammdi family believe that this first victory which they worked so hard to achieve belongs to all the suffering families of MKO members held mentally and physically captive in Camp Ashraf in Iraq. The leaders of the MKO must be taken to court for brainwashing their members and isolating them from the outside world and banning them from contacting their families.

Mohammadi Family, 23 January 2008

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