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Iraq Dismantles the MKO

Iraq’s Vice President Adel Abd-al-Mahdi said Iraqi authorities have been assured of the release of Iranian diplomats recently abducted by the US.

"We have been assured that Iranian diplomats would be released in the near future," said Abd-al-Mahdi in a joint press conference with Iran’s top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani Wednesday.

He said Baghdad has had done a lot and has good cooperation with Tehran in connection with freedom of the Iranian diplomats.

He added, "We give the assurance that Iraqi government is much sensitive and cares for Iranian citizens; in that connection too it will do its best."

He added that Iraq has been trying to secure the release of Iranian nationals soon after their capture by US forces.

Asked on pullout of the US forces from Iraq, the Iraqi vice president said Iraqi government has always been trying to train Iraqi forces to speed up the restoration of security in the country so that the ground would be prepared for exit of foreign forces.

As for Iran’s interest to train Iraqi forces, he said such proposals are made due to close and good ties between Iranian and Iraqi interior ministries and security establishments and ‘today there are very good ties between the ministries’.

He said there are a series of issues which are connected with security in Iraq and Iran, one of which being the presence of the outlawed terrorist Mujahideen Khalq Organization in Iraq.

He added that Baghdad tries to settle the case as a matter of responsibility.

He stressed that Tehran has always, including after fall of Saddam, been supportive to Iraqi people, including during the formation of the transitional government and governing council, compilation of constitution and parliamentary elections.

He said Baghdad tries to restore security in Iraq with the cooperation of neighboring states and the US.

He described his talks with Larijani as good.


IRNA, February 1, 2007

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