Olsi Jazexhi talks to MEK hostages families

Olsi Jazexhi talks to families of Akbar Khosravi, Mohammadreza Farajipoor and Bahman Mohammadnejat

Dr. Olsi Jazexhi talks to families of Akbar Khosravi, Mohammadreza Farajipoor and Bahman Mohammadnejad. They are soldiers of the Mojaheden el Halk (Mujahedin-e Khalq, aka MEK, MKO, NCRI, Saddam’s Private Army)organization, an ex-terrorist organization which is hosted in Albania. Their leader, Maryam Rajavi and the MEK command do not allow their members to contact their families. They are kept in total isolation, brainwashed and radicalized to hate and want to do jihad against Iran.

The Albanian government which supports and hosts MEK supports the tyrannical rule of #MaryamRajavi and #MEK in the isolation that it does to its members However, their families want to meet their loved ones, deradicalize them and make them go back home. In the following video Jaafar Khosravi wants to convey a message to his jihadi brother Akbar Khosravi who is kept in the MEK camp in Albania. Alireza Farajipoor, Dokhtar Farajipoor and Farangis Farajipoor want to convey a message to Mohammadreza Farajipoor who is also a jihadi soldier kept by Maryam Rajavi gang in the Manza Camp of MEK.

Mohammadreza Mohammadnejad and Zahra Torabi want also to convey a message to their brother Bahman Mohammednejad who is also held by Maryam Rajavi in the Manza jihadi camp of MEK. The Mojahedin organization which hates this video and family members of its soldiers is going to accuse and attack the host of this video Dr. Olsi Jazexhi of psychological torture against ‘the freedom fighters’ which Maryam Rajavi keeps in Albania, ready to do jihad and terrorism against Iran. However Olsi who is not afraid of MEK – #NCRI threats, blackmails and character assassinations campaigns interviews these Iranian families who want to convey messages to their family members who are being kept as hostages, radicalized and cult slaves by Maryam Rajavi jihadi gang in Albania.


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