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Did MEK participate in the killing of Iran nuclear Scientist?

Olsi Jazexhi talks to MEK defector Yakub Meraji

Olsi and Meraji

In the past days Mr. Meraji has filed a complain with French police against MEK activities in France. He claims that MEK misuse the French state in order to take humanitarian aid and use it to fund their jihadi camp in Albania.

Mr. Meraji who has been a MEK member and translator describes the cultish nature of MEK, their crimes in service of the Saddam Hussein in Iraq and their killing of innocent Kurdish civilians in Iraq.

They analyze the nature of MEK, brainwashing of their members and the ways how Maryam Rajavi makes her organization to survive as a jihadist organization.

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They show the ability of MEK to create fake news against Iran in Europe. They explain how MEK creates fake news about fake ‘terrorist attacks’ against MEK by Iran. This is the case of March 2018 when MEK created a fake news about a terrorist attack in Albania which was not true.

The same should be the case of Asadullah Assadi and Emir Saduni who have been arrested in Belgium with fake charges created by MEK and used by the Trump administration to intimidate European governments to change their policies against Iran.

They discuss the possibility of the Mujahedeens’ participating in the killing of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh an Iranian academic and senior official in the nuclear program of Iran and show how the Albanian government which jailed dozens of Albanian Muslims under funny and fake excuse of terrorism, when it comes to MEK it is afraid to implement the counter-terrorism legislation since MEK tells to Albanians that we are people of Donald Trump, John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani and if you mess with us you mess with America.

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