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When Iranians and Israelis Quarrel

Mohsen fakhrizade

The well-organized terrorist attack on Dr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh nearly on the outskirts of Tehran, as well as the neutralization (killed or injured) of his escort of 8-10 people in 2 cars is a very serious event.

The situation is serious because the deceased was practically the head of the Iranian nuclear program, ie the equivalent of Openheimer in the Manhattan Project, or Igor Kurcatov for the Soviets or Zholjo Kyrisw for the French. Iran is not North Korea, where when Kim says that America is the devil, tens of millions of North Koreans in the choir say that America is the devil, but when this Kim says that America is like the tens of millions of North Korean “robots” in the choir, it means America is an angel.

Iran has a public opinion! It is such a public opinion that will hold the Iranian security forces accountable for this failure. The only way to avoid paying the bill of failure is for Iran (Supreme Leader Khamenei even promised strong revenge) to retaliate sufficiently for such a flagrant, public and insulting hit to national security. I emphasize that Iran is a country that takes national security extremely seriously.

Israel- Netanyahou - Iran scientists- nuclear

Judging by open sources, the killing was carried out by Israel’s Mossad using at least preliminary US CIA intelligence. The Israelis have maintained a “No Comment” stance on the killing, while the Americans have at least formally denied involvement in the killing. More and more information is being published in various media about the involvement of the MEK (Mojahedin-e Khalq) in this murder.

One of the many articles accusing the MEK of being accomplice in Dr Mohsen Fakhrizadeh’s death is also in this link: https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/new-details-revealed-about-iranian-nuclear-scientists-relationship-with-syria-hezbollah-hamas-report/. There are several dozen such articles, mainly in the minor media, accusing the MEK of such murders.

The geopolitical clash between Iran (Russia + China and possibly + Turkey) against Israel (US + Saudi Arabia + Bahrain + UAE) is a titanic clash. My homeland Albania is neither a world nor even a regional power. Albania is a small and relatively poor country, which even in the Balkans is a lightweight. To enter into a conflict of titans with a geopolitical and military weight like Albania (when neither side threatens the borders) is madness; at least an extreme megalomania! Unfortunately, my Homeland by sheltering the MEK (Camp Ashraf 3 in Manez) has become part of such a possible global clash between the two aforementioned camps.

When they came to Albania, the MEK were officially given refuge for humanitarian reasons as endangered persons. Outgoing Prime Minister Berisha, who received the first 200-300 MEK in Albania, officially promised in a conversation with the new Iranian ambassador to Albania, that these people (fewer than 200 MEK) would not be a threat to anyone. The subtext was clear that the MEK in Albania would simply take refuge, live, but would not carry out any political activity, not to mention online propaganda activities or even military sabotage! During the following years, when the Prime Minister of Albania was Edwin Rama, the MEK moved from the outskirts of Tirana (in rented premises) to Manez, where they set up a complex surrounded by a fence (a gated compound) guarded by armed guards from a private company.

The MEK spread its ‘metastases’ in Albanian politics, in the security services and to some extent in the Albanian judiciary more or less like the cancer cells which attack the healthy cells of the human body. Due to the coverage of prestigious international media, Camp Ashraf 3 in Manez immediately turned into an anti-advertisement for Albanian tourism. Then with the conversion of senior police officers up to the rank of director general, senior officials of the Albanian Secret Service (SHISH), mayors, MPs, deputy ministers and ministers (stooges) into the cell of a former terrorist (apolitical and stateless) like Maryam Rajavi, Camp Ashraf 3 became a real and present threat to the national security of my Homeland.

The MEK with virulent online anti-Iran propaganda, recruiting Albanians (mostly teenagers), establishing working contacts with Wahhabi individuals (involved in recruiting Albanians to send as cannon fodder to the Jabat al Nusra Front in Syria), in conjunction with every enemy of Iran, turned Albania into a “red rag” in front of the horns of the Iranian “bull”. Segments of the Albanian government and politics, turning into servile charlatans for the former terrorist Rajavi, went so far as to carry out almost every one of her orders, from making MEK dark operations possible through Rinas, the only civilian airport in Albania, to expelling the employees of the Iranian Embassy in Tirana as many times as Rajavi likes!

In conditions where there is reasonable suspicion and indications are that the murder of Dr Fakhrizadeh involves not just the finger, but also the hand of the MEK (so it is practically proven that the MEK has not given up terrorism such as the killing of high-profile characters), it remains to be seen how Iran will retaliate for this assassination. I reiterate that Iran is a country that takes its national security extremely seriously, quite differently from my poor homeland, Albania.

As the good Christian that I am, today I will go to the Church of St. Asti in Durres and light a candle and pray to my Lord Jesus Christ to protect the lives and health of Albanians, the property, goods and the blood of Albanians from any possible revenge of Iran. I pray to God that Albanians and their property should pay zero for the inferiority complex (viz the MEK) of the collaborationist elements in Albanian politics and the administration.

Albanians should not have to worry too much about paying the bills for a few dozen scum, who sit from morning to night licking the boots of a bloodthirsty former terrorist, who does not sit comfortably on her ass, but still because of the “liberation” of the people, wants to repaint her hands with blood!

I emphasize that the European Union, where we want to integrate, officially condemned the assassination of Dr Fakhrizadeh. Peter Santo, head of the Foreign Affairs Division (EU foreign ministry), on behalf of the EU, publicly denounced the act of such an assassination of a prominent scientist. Albanians have to choose between the official EU position and the bloody hands of Maryam Rajavi. I have chosen the EU for myself. I believe I have made the right choice!

Oh God, protect the lives of Albanians as well as their money, goods and property!

Gjergji Thanasi, Translated by Iran Interlink

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