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Israelis and Americans use MKO terrorists for assassinations

Dangerous games

Interview with Gennady Yevstafiev, retired Lieutenant General of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. Israelis and Americans use MKO terrorists for Assassinations in Iran

We should tackle this issue on the basis of statements which have been made recently by different military and political leaders of Israel and the United States. And if we are not going to be naïve, we should understand that the secret war against Iran has been going already for two dozen of years and in this war there were so many casualties, and the pattern of action of this special services of the United States, of Israel, especially Israel, is so well known that I’m damn sure that the recent killing, the fifth killing of Iranian scientist, is a chain in the long ago devised operation of undermining the Iranian nuclear program.

So, you ask who could do this. Yes, there is a force, which officially is considered by the United States as a terrorist organization – Mujahedin-e Khalq. Unfortunately, these were many years ago a well minded people, young people, revolutionary people with leftwing ideas for the restructuring of Iran. But when Ayatollah kicked them out, they moved first of all to Iraq and were used by Saddam Hussein, who didn’t care about the lives and the ideas of these people, he simply used them against Iran as a force. This force has roots in Iran, it has followers inside Iran, and it is the only force knowing the methods of intelligence operations. It is the only force which could be really summoned for this kind of operations.

Under circumstances this force – Mujahedin-e Khalq became a reactionary group of people, who are more and more inclined for operating terrorist attacks. And they operate for that and there are secret ties, which are not on the surface, of Mossad and other Israeli secret services, between these services and Mujahedin-e Khalq and similar organizations. It is not the only organization of this sort, there are some other too, and their people are constantly used by the Israelis especially, and by the Americans in the second place, to operate against the regime of Ayatollah.

It is a very dangerous game, because we are now in the situation, which is very tense in the Persian Gulf, Hormuz Strait and in the neighbouring of Pakistan. And every negligence of responsibilities, especially on the part of such great powers as the United States, with responsibilities as a guarantor of peace, every attempt to be aggressive and to use force in the area right now is probed with the most terrible consequences.

I hope the Noble Prize winner, which is Mr. Obama, will have enough courage not to act in this kind of situation aggressively, and he will have enough courage to stop those guys in his Administration, I’m quite sure that behind it is Mr. Biden, he has very serious reactionary force, he will not act aggressively in this kind of circumstances, and he will not allow the military operations under any kind of pretext to be taken in the Gulf.

Voice Of Russia, Kudashkina Ekaterina

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