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The American Political Analyst on the relations between Mahmoud Abbas , MKO and Israelis

Susan Nevens, the American political affairs analyst wrote on her Facebook account on the meeting between two “self-appointed presidents” of NCR and PLO:

“On Saturday July 30th, 2016, the Nakba of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas meets Maryam Rajavi the ringleader the terrorist group/cult organization Mujahedin Khalgh Organization (MKO), to discuss combating ‘fundamentalism’ and ‘terrorism’ in the region !

Abbas iterating the need to combat ‘terrorism’ with ringleader of MKO an organization which has been on the EU Council terror blacklist following strains from the US whose own State Department had the MKO on their terrorist organization list.

Now that was not such an obvious bloody joke if Maryam Rajavi who is a self-appointed President-elect of the Iranian Resistance and Mahmoud Abbas a self-appointed President of PA whose mandate as a president was over half a dozen years ago, were not such obvious waging tails of the American dog.

It would not be such hilarity if MKO/Rajavi have not been so overtly supported by the US and Abbas have not been in such clear collaboration with the US.

Saturday meeting left no more questions on mind of those who doubted the relations between Mahmoud Abbas and Terrorist Organization MKO and Israelis. If that relationship was ever covert the meeting on Saturday made it publicized. doubt on mind of those

The Saturday (July 30) meeting came after the National Council of Resistance of Iran (CNRI) annual meeting in Paris on July 9th, 2016 during which Saudi Arabia’s former spymaster & Director of Saudi Arabia General Intelligence, Turki bin Faisal gave a 30-minute speech officially endorsing and supporting MKO/Rajavi.


The Iranian Foreign Ministry subsequently summoned the French Ambassador to Tehran François Sénémaud to hand him a strong note of protest over the meeting.

Amazingly enough neither Turki bin Faisal official endorsement of anti-Iran Terrorist Organization MKO nor the ‘surprised meeting between Rajavi and Abbas deemed significant enough to be reported by Western/US media .”

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