What Does MKO Want from EU?

Part of the editorial on Mojahed Weekly No.840 was as follows:

"Free Iranians will gather in Brussels on March 8 to protest to EU’s refusal to accept the ruling of European Court. They want to ask EU officials why are they refusing to accept the ruling that orders them to quit accusing the MKO of terrorism. Hundreds of Parliamentarians have ordered their governments that this way of refusing the law wouldn’t be tolerated and that they would force the EU to obey the ruling of the Court."

UN General Assembly asks the states in its resolution (passed in 1989) to avoid organizing, provoking, assisting or taking part in terrorist activities. It also passed the international convention of terrorism prevention in order to ban financial support for terrorist activities. According to this convention, all activities aimed at forcing a state or international organization to do or not to do something is considered a terrorist act. This is exactly what would happen on March 8 in Brussels by the MKO.

The UN Security Council has also set up some duties for governments for fighting terrorism:

1. In resolution 1368 of UN Security Council, passed on Sept. 12, terrorism was defined as an aggression or military invasion and that the victim state is authorized to resort to military might according to article 51 of UN charter.

2. Resolution 1373, undoubtedly the most important resolution on terrorism, stresses the right of legal defense against terrorism and asks the states to fight terrorism in a serious manner.

It is clear that MKO wants European countries to ignore all international laws and regulations.

MKO relies on a weak ruling by a European court, which is not bounding for the states and its least effect can be limited to bureaucratic relations inside the EU.

More importantly, the ruling stressed that MKO had not committed terrorist acts since 2000, while after the ruling was issued, Maryam Rajavi said that group should be rearmed!

This means that the MKO has never stopped terrorism and not committing terrorist activities was due to being disarmed by US forces and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the MKO has changed its policies.

This one message is enough for the EU to keep the MKO on terror list and impose more limitations on it.

In order to survive, the MKO wants the warmongers to employ it in their possible plans against Iran and also asks European states to treat the group as a political one, something that requires the change of policies and practices by the group. Thus, resolving this paradox is vital for the survival of the group and has nothing to do with European countries. This is up to the group to decide whether to serve Pentagon or Western intelligence services for its survival.

The current situation of Rajavi’s remnants reminds us of the status of terrorist Taliban; while in power in Afghanistan, this rebel group refused to accept international regulations and meanwhile expected to be treated according to international conventions!!

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