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Mojahedin Cult Displaying Tip of an Iceberg

The terrorists’ potentiality in utilization of violence for whatever political and social demands is a horrible nightmare that disturbs societies and especially those in the West. The possible disaster would be even worse if the terrorists are the breeds of a destructive cult. You can hardly tell a cult insider from those you work and live with, nice people that might turn their face when passing a butcher’s.

Maryam Rajavi’s arrest and its aftermath gave the states and the public opinion the opportunity to see behind the pseudo-democratic face of Mojahedin. On 17 June 2003 when the police raided MKO-run offices in Paris districts and arrested 164 suspected Mojahedin cadres as well as Maryam Rajavi on charges of terrorist activities, they hardly knew that they were piercing through a cult’s stronghold. Unknowingly, they were arresting the husband appointed she-guru of a destructive cult living among their society for the long. They did something they shouldn’t have and they had to pay for it soon.

Nobody could believe that these seemingly amiable people setting up a community of modest women and smart gentlemen smiling and shaking hands with the elites of a modern society and who carried a veracious look had a ferocious persona underneath.

It was long ago that these Iranians, believed to be exiled from their home country for the cause of campaign for freedom and democracy, had come to live in the Western countries that advocated the cause they claimed to be fighting for. Rarely the public knew about their malign past when their bullets and bombs perished many innocent Iranians and personalities in power struggle attempts. And the guardians of the Western societies, well aware of the group’s past but kipping silent for political causes, were certain they could leash the terrorists to keep them calm and under the surveillance in their country. But a fact had remained unnoticed; besides its terrorist structure, the group since long had developed into a cult.

In June 2003, people in some Western cities were shocked to encounter appalling cult potentialities of MKO. Following the arrest of Maryam Rajavi, a number of the group’s insiders immolated themselves in public in a series of premeditated missions as leverages of pressure to buy Maryam Rajavi’s freedom. According to reports issued by the group itself, “16 people attempted to set themselves alight in three days in Paris, Berne, Rome, London, Ottawa, Athens and Nicosia ”. The human tragedy ended with two deaths; two women, Sediqeh Mojaveri, 44-year-old, and Neda Hassani, 19-year-old, died because of the self-immolation injuries.

These acts of self-destruction reveal the covert violent mien of the group’s ideology which is brought to surface and fully practiced whenever the circumstances deem it just. It is not wrong to say that the acts of self-immolations imposed Mojahedin’s demands on the French judges and courts to take a moderate position to stop further agitation of the public opinion.

The cult is again facing a new crisis at the present. Just at the time when they were celebrating their assumed won battle in the EU’s Court of Justice last year, when the court annulled a 2002 decision to freeze all European assets of the group, the legal counsel to the 27 EU governments, Jean-Claude Piris said that the judgment did not call into question the original decision that MKO was a terrorist organization, but that the EU court annulled the decision because of procedure.

Nearly a month ago, the EU gave the group 30 days to put forward its case for being removed from the list, which the group failed to present. Instead, the she-guru took a change of posture, unlike her usual courteous wear, and stepped forth to publicize once more the cult potentialities, already demonstrated, of her group. There is no need to read between the lines when we here her saying "We are speaking about the lives of individuals… I warn that two decades of appeasing the mullahs is now resulting in a new catastrophe".

What are the 27 EU member states waiting for? Are they waiting to see a new, horrible cult-protest performance in their streets before the eyes of their people? What they have already seen of the Mojahedin cult is only a tip of an iceberg. To wait to see more of it, results "in a new catastrophe".

Mojahedin WS, March 11, 2007

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