Why the Albania gov. do not give the MEK members’ families visa?

Mohammad Ebrahim Haddadi Moqaddam expressed concern about the health of his brother Mahmoud Haddadi Moqaddam

Mr. Mohammad Ebrahim Haddadi Moqaddam, brother of Mahmoud Haddadi Moqaddam, trapped in the MEK camp in Albania, wrote a letter to the World Health Organization in Albania expressing concern over his brother’s health.

World Health Organization

The text of the letter is as follows:

Representative of the World Health Organization in Albania
Greetings and best regards
I am Ebrahim Haddadi Moqaddam, brother of Mahmoud Haddadi Moqaddam. My brother is now in a closed, remote camp of Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) in Albania with no connections to the outside world.
It is needless to say that my family and I have not seen or heard from my brother for many years, and we have not even received a message from him, and this always bothers us.

Now the news worries us a lot, and that is that on the one hand my brother is probably infected with the Covid-19 virus and he is in a very severe condition, and on the other hand the health conditions inside the camp are extremely unfavorable.

We, the family of Mahmoud Haddadi Moqaddam, have no desire other than hearing his voice and learning about his health. Of course, Albania does not give us visas in support of the MEK and does not allow us to travel. The MEK does not even allow a single phone call to its members.

I urge you not to neglect any action that is conceivable and fruitful in order to alleviate the concerns of me and my family, so that news of my brother reaches us and communication is possible.

You must know very well how a brother feels in such a situation. Is it acceptable to prevent MEK members from communicating with their families in these circumstances? Isn’t this a clear violation of basic human rights?

Mohammad Ebrahim Haddadi Moqaddam
Torbat Heydariyeh – Khorasan Razavi – Iran

Copy to:
Office of the Prime Minister of Albania
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


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