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The Mojahedin-e Khalq in Post-Trump period

Rajavi and Trump

led by Maryam Rajavi, the Organization (MKO) is going through a very difficult situation that can be called the post-Trump period. On the other hand, the Corona virus is killing the members of this group one after another, while the wishes of Maryam Rajavi, John Bolton and their former leader Donald Trump, to celebrate the overthrow of the Iranian government in Tehran’s Azadi Square have faded.

With rising of criticism and dissatisfaction among the MKO members concerning its leadership, a number of them have recently split from the group; an issue that has been admitted by the MKO ringleaders.

Rajavi and Trump

The group’s commander knows that the situation differs from what they experienced in in Iraq, where they were supported for many years by Saddam Hussein’s regime. They know very well that space is much freer in Albania, and they cannot control their members as easily as they did in Iraq. The issue of controlling the members who lived in this dark tunnel for 40 years and are now seeking freedom and exit has become a problem for Maryam Rajavi and her companions.

Therefore, the continuous contradictions and the gradual death that has overshadowed Rajavi’s group, has entered its final stage with the collapse of Trump. Maryam Rajavi is well aware that the policy of deception, lying and brainwashing, which were carried out by her missing husband and then by herself is no longer useful to persuade the members of the group to stay.

Rajavi sought to prevent separation of the group’s members by this deception that the government in Iran would be overthrown by entering of Trump to the White House. She had promised her members that this goal would be achieved if they used all their best. In the same way, Rajavi’s husband used to force the members to work eighteen hours a day in order to deprive them of the opportunity to think about their future.

At the end, nothing new was happened. The analysis and prediction of Maryam Rajavi and some of her American supporters was nothing but an illusion. For this reason, the leadership of this Iranian group has difficulty in convincing its members to stay. In the time of Saddam Hussein and with his support for Massoud Rajavi, members could be somehow controlled, but now it is very difficult for Rajavi to act in the heart of Europe, and to be able to deceive the members of the group as before.

By Ahmad Jafar Alsaedi – Translated by Habilian

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