Abdollah Ostovari’s family bring charge against the Albanian Gov.

Mr. Yadollah Ostovari sent a complaint on behalf of the Ostovari family to the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances.

Honorable Committee on Enforced Disappearances of the United Nations
Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

Respectfully, I am Yadollah Ostovari, the son of Hossein Ali. I have five brothers and three sisters. My older brother Abdollah Ostovari traveled to Germany on April 4, 1980 to continue his education and remained in Germany until 1988. The family kept in touch with him by letter and telephone. However they lost contact.
After being unaware of him for 7 years, we learned that he had gone to Iraq and joined a group called the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK), and is based in the organization’s headquarters in Iraq.

We had no further information until the fall of Saddam Hossein, and the family traveled to Iraq several times in the hope of meeting him at Camp Ashraf.

However, we were not allowed to meet or even make phone calls by the officials of the organization in Iraq.
After many incidents that happened to this group, we learned that the whole group was transferred from Iraq to the European country of Albania and settled in a remote camp in this country. So far, any attempt by the family to contact him in Albania by sending letters to the Albanian authorities has not been beneficial.

You are aware that the Albanian government, in cooperation with the MEK, does not issue visas to Iranian citizens, and therefore our efforts to travel to this country and follow the issue closely have been in vain.
Therefore, we ask that international body to investigate our complaint and take measures to oblige the Albanian government to its legal and international obligations and to allow us to go to that country in search of our missing loved one by issuing a visa. Or at least to provide us means of communication.

We urge you to learn about the latest situation of Abdollah Ostovari, who is supposed to be in the MEK camp in Albania, in order to put an end to many years of family worries and at least provide the possibility of a telephone call.

Yadollah Ostovari, brother of Abdullah Ostavari, on behalf of all family members
Iran – Qom

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