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Maryam Rajavi abandoned her followers to their fate in the Manez slave camp

Maryam Rajavi in Albania

There was some speculation recently as to the whereabouts of Maryam Rajavi – reminiscent of the disappearance of her husband Massoud Rajavi in 2003, who has since been presumed dead and yet speaks from the grave; does anybody miss him? Similarly, Maryam Rajavi who, no matter where she actually is, exists totally outside the consciousness of over 80 million people in Iran as the de facto head of the MEK cult which she inherited from her husband, has come to life in France.

Several observers who closely follow such issues have confirmed the news: Maryam Rajavi, after being expelled from Europe and being forced to spend two years in Albania, has now surfaced in Auvers sur Oise near Paris again. Unable to travel on her French documents, the CIA arranged for her to be given an Albanian passport stamped with a visa from France.

Rajavi has happily abandoned her followers to their fate in the slave camp in Manez, which is riddled with COVID-19, and emerged to celebrate her dead. (A far cry from the promise of regime change she has advertised for many a year.) Rajavi is photographed at the grave of a man who left the Iranian airforce forty years ago. She brought along a substitute for the dead pilot Behzad Moezi – his former flight technician and now MEK member – and dressed him in the same airforce uniform from that time; presumably to indicate that she is head of the defunct National Liberation Army of Iran. The MEK lost its military identity when it lost the patronage of Saddam Hussein two decades ago. That doesn’t appear to bother Maryam Rajavi. But her pose, in civilian clothes giving a military salute, only shows that she learned nothing about military etiquette over the past forty years.

What is made very clear from this sad little vignette is that the Biden administration still regards the MEK as a valuable tool. The CIA – which as an institution lacks any moral compass – is happy to continue to support Rajavi and exploit the slave labour of 2000 Iranian cult victims in Albania and is too dumb to comprehend that the families of these victims are sincere in their efforts to free their loved ones. The family of Behzad Moezi tried in vain to prevent Maryam Rajavi from exploiting him in death as she had exploited him in life*.

This ‘circus’ is a stark reminder, however, that the next-of-kin of all her dead followers are their families. It is they who should decide where and how their deceased loved ones are buried and honoured. Yet, even in death Rajavi cruelly denies these families their natural rights. Shame on her. Shame on those who wittingly follow her. And shame on the Biden administration which could act to put an end to this pointless debacle, but chooses not to.

* The one thing my father made clear to us, his only request, was to not let the Mujahedeen use his body for their circus. That is exactly what @Maryam_Rajavi did. Instead of being able to mourn our father, we’ve spent the last week trying to fight off this cult from afar.
— Maryam Moezzi (@maryam_moezzi) January 16, 2021
Iran Interlink WebsiteApril 4, 2021

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