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Kamran loved his wife

Kamran’s bitter fate as the result of MEK cult-like suppressive ruling

Kamran Bayati was born in 1963. He was a young boy when he joined the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi). In 1998, he was mysteriously killed in the group’s headquarter in Iraq, Camp Ashraf.

Ex-members of the MEK, GhorbanAli Hosseinnezhad, Foad Basri, Mohammad Karami and Iraj Salehi approve Kamran’s bitter fate as the result of the group’s cult-like suppressive ruling.


Mohammad Karami had organizational cooperation with Kamran when they were both in Iran. In Camp Ashraf, they were close friends too. Karami remembers that Kamran had married a woman named Fatemeh just a month before Massoud Rajavi ordered members to divorce their spouses. Based on a cult jargon, called Ideological Revolution, the entire members of the MEK had to divorce their spouses.

Kamran was not able to get along with forced divorce. He was in love with his ex-wife. He was sad and depressed but he worked hard. “I work hard to forget my grieves”, he told Mohammad Karami. Therefore, Kamran was under severe supervision by the commanders. He was forced to attend long brainwashing meetings. His commanders, Afsaneh Shahrokhi and Fahimeh Mahuzi and etc. put horrible mental pressure to coerce him into the cult regulations.

“Why don’t you leave the group?” Mohammad asked Kamran. “If I say I am out, I will no more be alive. They will restrict and control me more and more, that will be like death to me.” Kamran told his friend.

The last day of his life, he was supposed to attend a meeting again. “Mahimeh Mahuzi went mad and began shouting at him,” Mohammad Karami recalls. “At night we went to the eating place for dinner but Kamran didn’t come. Nobody knew where he was.”

We were ordered to look after him in the armors parking,” Iraj Salehi writes in an article about Kamran’s death. “We found him dead in the corner of a room there”.

His comrades think that Kamran had swallowed a cyanide capsule but the group authorities declared that he had a heart attack because of too much smoking!

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