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MKO, the Invisible Occupiers

MKO as well as its critics and its ex-members acknowledge the fact that Camp Ashraf, symbolizing MKO’s ideological capacity, is of a high strategic significance. The insistence of MKO on its stay in Iraq needs more time to be reflected upon. MKO does not submit to departure from Iraq for two main reasons:


1. Any change of location inevitably makes internal relation of the organization to be broken off. It is a fact that MKO can not bear its existing relations anywhere but in the city of Ashraf in Iraq now turned into an ideological and strategic fortress. Any circumstantial replacement on the part of the organization takes a considerable amount of time to establish a second Ashraf. Moreover, the prerequisite of their admission to other countries is the individual asylum of members so the organization can not preserve its cohesion by means of psychological levers anywhere but in Iraq. Camp Ashraf, considered similar to Alamout of Hassan Sabbah Assassins, is indeed a fortress.

2. Another reason is their strategic position on Iraqi soil. Maryam Rajavi has repeatedly drawn the attention of the Americans to the fact that they can take advantage of MKO’s so-called Liberation Army for any move against the Iranian soil is. MKO convince its members residing in Camp Ashraf that their stay in Iraq is the sole possible solution of overthrowing Iranian regime. They insist on saying that such a supposition is unlikely to come true unless they remain in Iraq.

Mojahedin have to make their destiny tied with their stay in Iraq. However, the insistence of Iraqi government to expel MKO for its interference in internal affairs and its link with questionable groups indicates that MKO’s present stay in Iraq is indebted to the Iraq’s instable situation. The comments of Shirvan al-Vaeli, Iraq’s security minister published in ‘Al-Hayat’ newspaper in London indicates that "Initial agreements have been reached between Iraqi government and the US” concerning the situating of MKO in Iraq. He urged once more for the expulsion of MKO from Iraq declaring that some European countries have announced preparedness to accept MKO members. Although MKO transfer from Iraq is costly, it gives members an opportunity to make their mind for their future far from any threat or enticing. The present position of MKO implies that they are not going to exit Iraq under any condition. They have even threatened Iraqi and the U.S. authorities that they would strongly resist against any decision of the kind.

Comments of Iraq’s security minister maintain Iraq’s decision to expel MKO. Now, the confrontation of Iraqi government and MKO has entered a critical phase. It seems that MKO would persistently resist the made decision and reject the facilities provided by the US for their settlement in another country. MKO’s offensive and even threatening position toward the EU and the others is a good example of its indifference to and disobedience of international statements and regulations. Likewise, their current position in Iraq confirms the fact that MKO is not a legally granted asylum in Iraq, rather it is an invisible occupier, disregarding the heavy costs it impose on Iraqi people.

Omid Pouya – Mojahedin.ws – May 13, 2007

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