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Maryam Rajavi went to Tirana from France.‎

Maryam Rajavi

She is staying at the Tirana’s International Hotel and has meetings with top and senior officials; ‎Meetings with European authorities have also been arranged.‎
The recent presence of Maryam Rajavi in Tirana, in addition to foreign visits, seems to have no ceremonial reasons and it focuses more on the internal issue of the organization and organizes the status of its members.
Also, another reason that eliminates the integrity of the organization is Bolton’s promise to overthrow the Iranian regime before the fortieth anniversary of the revolution.

Because of the failure to realize this, the collapse of the system in the eyes of the members of the organization at Camp Ashraf 3 is a very far-reaching dream and this has caused internal organizational challenges, and the organization is trying to justify this issue.

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