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A sharp decline in America’s power

Bolton and Rajavis

Everything began from a memory; a memory of the future of the reality of US policies and some officials.
Secretary of the National Security Council, Mr. Shamkhani, quoted a memory of his Educational period which is Remarkable.
The content of this memory is that he faces an interesting phenomenon in helping his classmate in the exam session, which is that the classmate attached Shamkhani’s help sheet to his exam sheet, and the result is the failure of both.

The reason for attaching the help sheet was that the classmate had a meeting with his fiancée and has done this because of the lack of time.
Shamkhani attribute this memory to Bolton, the national security advisor to Trump and said:” Apparently John Bolton also has an appointment. ”

He also said that:” It is a shame for a government to basing Bolton for Strategic Decision Making against Iran, the person who cooperates with MKO. At least, change the words”
The compliance of the US government with a terrorist cult of the MKO does not mean increasing the power of this cult, but it means a sharp decline in America’s power.

The country that claimed to have a superpower on a day and regarded itself as the only power of the world, now is in a position to ask for help from terrorist sects such as the MKO to achieve its goals.
A country that claims to operate the world order and seeks to establish peace and human rights, it has to shelter to sects, which are the ultimate mirror of assassination and violence.
According to many experts, the national and strategic documents of a country represent the horizons of a country’s vision.

Also, most of these documents are prepared and drafted by experts and on the basis of current and future prospects, but take a look at the US strategic documents.
Recent comments by Mr. Shamkhani, secretary of the National Security Council about the unchanged texts of the MKO in the US strategic document and quoted by some US officials, such as John Bolton, are not.
This deniable truth makes America’s strategy doesn’t include the realities and the desirable future.
The question is, who is the reference of US news and strategic texts about Iran and what are the characteristics?
The answer to this question can tell the American authorities the misconception about the facts.

According to evidence, the terrorist sect of the MKO impose their views by communicating with some naïve US officials And presents the obvious news inside Iran as secret and strategic texts.
But history should reminded to these naïve authorities to understand this terrorist cult better and not simply accept their words.
The MKO, with a history of the assassination of 17,000 innocent people in Iran, has always been a part of the disgusting group of public opinion, and they always will remember this.
A sect known for treason, assassination, war, and has always faced a strategic mistake in its judgments about the Iranian nation, how can present these realities to American officials?

The sect has committed historical mistakes including “the leftist conception of the Islamic Revolution, the idea of the people’s companionship with them, the conquest of Tehran in a few days, electoral predictions and, eventually, the collapse of today and tomorrow in the Islamic Republic of Iran” and to get out of this swamp, it has turned to imaginary and repeated strategies, how can help with American strategies against Iran?
But a desirable future;

According the facts that the US decision-making systems are considering, is there a desirable future?
American historical behavior shows that they have always failed to predict their future toward Iran.
Interestingly, these failures have been the product of long and widespread American think-tank experts; these failures seem to be persistent and even worse.

Because in the past there were some reason and logic, but what would be the bigger catastrophe for the United States that to know behind the scenes, there were some statements and decisions of the MKO.
If there is an impossible assumption of a wise American attitude, it is better to change its course and begin to relocate to those who have always been with the terrorists and then review their strategic texts with more realistic literature.

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