A letter for my daughter; Azade Sabour

My dear daughter I wish you contact your siblings and me freely. Shima,Ehsan,Arash and me live with your memories. We long to see you again.

My dear Azade I want you to decide your own fate and way of life without restrictions of cult affairs.
As you have had no contact with us during all these twenty-one years, and even have had no activity in social media, it seems that you are living under dehumanizing condition.
Your spouse; Kaveh, has separated the group and is living in Sweden. In his last call to his family, Kaveh said that he is still awaiting Azade’s return.

I am totally unaware of you and your health conditions. As the MEK cult leaders do not allow us to have any contact, I publish this letter to the cyber space in the hope that one day you get access to the internet and be able to read my letter.
Your mother

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