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Emamverdi Davaji’s Brother: Rajavi killed my bro

“MEK glorify my brother just after his death”, Hossein Davaji Hajili said about his brother Emamverdi.
Emamverdi whose nickname in the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ Cult of Rajavi) was “Emad” died on June 26th 2021 after 32 years of imprisonment in the MEK.

The MEK website announced the news of Emamverdi’s death calling him the Honest Mujahed. “His father made him know Mujahedin Khalq when he was 12 years old,” MEK propaganda website claimed. “…he joined the MEK whole heartedly when he was in Iraqi prisons as a soldier.”

Emamverdi (Emad) Davaji

Emamverdi (Emad) Davaji

Hossein Davaji, heartbroken by the death of his brother after 35 years of separation told Nejat Society that his brother was only five when their father died. He clarified that their father was not a literate person and had no idea about the MEK as well as his brother Emamverdi (Emad).
“Defectors of MEK like Raufian and Roozrokh had told me that my brother was very sick, he had a heart disease and was forced to do hard labors in the MEK’s camps,” Hossein said.
Emamverdi was a soldier and only 21 when he was imprisoned by Iraqi forces. He was then recruited by MEK agents in Iraqi prison. Actually, he fled the horrible situation of Saddam’s prison but he fell in the trap of the Cult of Rajavi for 32 years.

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