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I am sure my sons would leave MEK, if they were allowed to meet me

Hadi and Saeed are the sons of Shirdel Ahmadian Chashmi. They were recruited by the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) 13 years ago.

Hadi was a technician working in his own firm when he was deceived by MEK propaganda agents in March 2007 and Saeed, a university student, joined the Cult of Rajavi less than a year after his brother joined.

Hadi and Saeed Ahmadian

Hadi and Saeed Ahmadian Chashmi

They were in the group’s Camp Ashraf in Iraq until 2016 when they were relocated in Albania following the expulsion of MEK from Iraqi territory. Shirdel, the father of the two misplaced sons, traveled to Iraq to visit his sons in camp Ashraf but he was not allowed to visit them by the group authorities. “Between 2008 to 2015, we traveled to Iraq over ten times but they did not permit us to meet our sons even for one minute,” he says.

Shirdel Ahmadian Chashmi

Shirdel wrote letters to Iraqi authorities including Iraqi human rights minister. After the group’s relocation in Albania, he continued sending letters to the International human rights bodies and the Albanian authorities.
The MEK’s cult-like structure bans Saeed and Hadi from contacting their families outside the group. “I am sure that my sons would leave the group, if they were allowed to meet us,” their father says. “They are brainwashed there.”

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