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Grieves and sufferings of MEK member’s elderly mother

Rasool Mahdloo Torkamani mother

As a young man from the North of Iran, Golestan Province, Rasool Mahdloo Torkamani wanted to immigrate to Italy. He started learning Italian language when he was very young. He had decided to continue his studies in Italy.

Rasool was in love with Masoomeh, his cousin, the daughter of his aunt. They soon married in a simple romantic wedding party.The newly married couple traveled to Italy together. “We sent him money during the months they were in Italy,” his brother Mohammad Mahdloo Torkamani says. “Then they returned to Iran. They stayed here for a few months and again got back to Italy and this was our last visit.”

The Torkamanis have had no contact with Rasool and his wife, Masooneh Qiasi for almost forty years. They had joined the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi). “A few years later, we learned from some defectors of the MEK that Rasool has been in the group”, Mohammad says. “He was supposed to live in Europe but he turned out to live in the deserts of Iraq.”

Rasool Mahdloo Torkamani

ShirAhmad Roozrokh who is a defector of the MEK and lives in Golestan, recalls Rasool in the group. “Rasool was called Torkman in the MEK,” ShirAhmad says. “He spoke Italian very well. He worked in the administrative unit of the group.”

“Rasool and Masoomeh live in separated units in the MEK’s camp”, ShirAhmad notifies. Couples are forced to divorce according to the MEK regulations. “Rasool used to love Masoomeh very much”, His brother says feeling pity for Rasool’s love life. “The MEK has ruined their romantic marriage, nothing is left of their love.”

Rasool’s sister cannot hold her tears while she is speaking of her brother. “I am the only one who have seen our mother’s grieves and sufferings during the years of the absence of Rasool,” she says. “Our father passed away while he was calling Rasool’s name. I wish mom could see Rasool as soon as possible.”

Rasool’s elderly mother, Nesa HemmatNia is sick and frail. He speaks to the camera of Nejat Society in Torkman language. “My Dear Rasool just come! I’d love to hear your voice in the last years of my life. I am always looking forward to your coming back. Every new year, I say to myself that you may come.”

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