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MKO’s Recent Meeting Widely Condemned in Iraq

An Iraqi MP, from Diyala province, condemned the meeting of MKO in its Ashraf Camp, in the city of al-Khales, on Saturday.

Taha Dar’alsadi, from Unified Iraqi Coalition, the biggest faction in the Iraqi parliament, said: "We condemn this meeting that was held with the assistance of some Sunni tribes and also Saleh Mutlaq, the head of Iraqi Dialog Front.

"Mojahedin-e Khalq organization is involved in religious tensions in Diyala province and the continuation of its activities and the presence of its camps in al-Khales are not acceptable," he said.

"Some of its elements directly involved in the unrest in the province and particularly in Abu-Seid have been identified by the residents."

He also said that the MKO started its movements to divide Shiites and Sunnis and destabilize the province since the fall of Saddam Hussein and his regime.

The recent meeting of MKO has received a big wave of protests inside Iraq; in the meeting, Saleh Mutlaq (anti-Iran figure) was introduced as the honorary head of MKO’s annual congress.

A number of governmental and independent committees and associations have condemned this meeting.

This gathering was held by the MKO and with the security assistance of American forces and some Iraqi groups, which oppose Islamic Republic.

Iraqi Governing Council issued an order for MKO’s expulsion in 2003 and current government also has repeatedly asked for its expulsion but US forces oppose the decision.

Iraqi Center for International Dialog and Research held a conference last February, by the support of Deputy PM in Security Affairs, and asked the government to take necessary steps in order for the expulsion of MKO.

IRNA –  2007/06/21

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