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leaders of Camp Ashraf kidnapped Abbas from his family

Abbas Golrizan uncle

Abbas Golrizan was a child when both his mother and father died. He was then raised by his uncle and his wife. His uncle was a farmer in one of the villages in the central province of Iran. He was 18 years old when he started serving as a soldier in the Iranian army. He went to the Iran-Iraq war front and soon he was taken as a war prisoner by the Iraqi forces.

“I and my sister got shocked to hear that Abbas was imprisoned by Iraqis,” Soltan Golrizan, Abbas’s sister says. “He used to write letters to us from Iraqi POW camp via the International Red Cross from time to time but when the war was over and eventually the Pows were released by the Iraqi government, Abbas did not return home.”

Abbas Golrizan family

Abbas Golrizan family

The Golrizan family tried to find Abbas. They were afraid of his being dead in Iraqi jail but they soon found out that Abbas had been taken to the camp of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi). Abbas has been in the MEK for over 30 years. His family have no access to him. Their only resort is writing letters to the Albanian authorities or to publish messages on the Internet.

The wife of Abbass’s uncle says that Abbas was like his son for her. “I miss him a lot, I hate the leaders of Camp Ashraf who kidnapped Abbas from his family,” she said in an interview with Nejat Society.
In her recent message to Abbas, Soltan Golrizan addresses her brother, “Abbas! You have not contacted me for many years. They showed me a photo of you, Last year. I could not believe it was you. You looked so old. What did the terrorist leaders of MEK do with you?”

Then she calls on the leaders of MEK, “Why did you imprison my brother? Why do you hate the Iranian people? Goddamn you! You made us suffer for years. You do not let my brother call me and you name yourself humans! In Iran, a prisoner has the right to visit his family. You are so cruel.”

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