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The fear surrounding Camp Ashraf leaders

It’s been over two months since families of Camp Ashraf residents started a strike at the gates of Camp Ashraf, but they could not manage to visit their loved ones without the presence of the Camp authorities in an open atmosphere. The leaders of Mujahedin Khalq destructive cult, as always, prevent the members from an ordinary family visit which is the absolute right of any prisoner. The reason of such a prohibition lies in the recent process of defection of the cult during the last six years. Since the invasion of coalition forces and the fall of Saddam Hussein a large number of Ashraf residents defected from the group, returned to Iran or went to Europe where some of them succeeded to reveal the nature of MKO in european organizations such as European Parliament. This kind of consequence of MEK members’ defection caused the cult’s leaders a strong feeling of fear which has turned in to a phobia. For MKO’s leader Massoud Rajavi, a good critic is a dead critic. He is terrified by the domino effect of members’ defection which will end in his group’s collapse. This extreme fear might explain the fact that MKO leaders are not assured of the members’ belief in the group’s ideology.

Ashraf residents have long been kept in an isolated place, deprived from any love or affection. The cult-like relationships under too much police-like pressure have left them in a condition where they feel wondering in a fatal life without any reliable, kind shelter. Their natural need for family love is not dead but it is like a flame ready to set a big fire.

As the families at Ashraf gates declared in their response to Mrs. Batoul Soltani’s message, they are everyday witnessing Ashraf residents who stealthy wave hands to them smiling but because of their organized systematic fear of defecting from the group, they are not able to leave the Camp. Needless to say that Rajavi’s promise for victory and freedom cannot impress the members any more but the fear of outside world that Rajavi portrays for them, maintains them in the cult.

The message of Mrs. Batoul Soltani, former member of the cult’s Leadership Council, for Ashraf residents clarifies for them that their fear is baseless and as she describes "the essential element for a human life is living in a free community" .The members are indoctrinated and manipulated day and night and they are told that the families waiting outside Camp Ashraf are agents of Iranian Intelligence Ministry .However, the claim is paling since the old mothers and fathers awaiting near Ashraf ,suffering physical weakness are paying the price of Camp authorities’ despotism.

The least achievement of such a strike can be coming to the conclusion that Rajavi’s ideology is filled with defects which leads his cult to such a complex fate in which the leaders have to heighten their deceitful manipulative techniques in order to keep the members in the Camp.

By: Mazda Parsi

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