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Al Motamar reports the meeting between families of the MEK and UNAMI

A meeting was held between the families of MKO members and UNAMIAl Motamar reports the meeting between families of the victims of the Mojahedin (MEK, MKO) and UNAMI

The UN Political and Human Rights Director (UNAMI) in Iraq, Mr Mahdu Acharya, stressed that the protest and refusal of Mojahedin Khalq leaders, currently based in Camp Ashraf, to allow the families of Iranians who came from Iran, to meet their children inside the camp is a violation and a breach of human rights law and contrary to ethics, the international community and international human rights organizations and all free people in the world. He asked leaders of the leaders of the organization to deal with this situation in a humane way and consider Iranian families their full freedom to meet their children outside the walls of Camp Ashraf.
This came during a meeting in the building of the UN in Iraq (UNAMI) inside the Green Zone between a number of families who came from Iran to Iraq to meet their children, prisoners and detainees held in the camp.
He said camp Ashraf in Diyala province is part of the Iraqi territory and falls within the responsibility of the government and Iraqi security forces after receiving it officially from the U.S. forces following the the security agreement between Iraq and America in 2009 and full sovereignty of Iraq on its lands. He stressed the fact that Iraq cannot allow any foreign party to interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq, especially on the issue of Camp Ashraf and members of the Organization adding that the prime minister has set up a formal committee responsible Camp Ashraf to negotiate directly with the leaders and officials of the Organization in cooperation with UNAMI, the Red Cross and other international human rights organization to close down Camp Ashraf forever and end the presence of the PMOI in Iraq.
In spite of the hardship and pains the families have suffered throughout their 75-long days of stay before the camp, they are waiting to see their children in the bond of the organization’s dark ideology headed by Massoud and Maryam Rajavi for nearly 27 years.

Al-Mmutamar – Baghdad

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