Elderly parents of MEK member appeal to the Albanian gov. to let them visit their son

Hassan Heyrani Parents. Hassan is the MEK ex-memebr living in Albania

Dear friends, in this video, an elderly Iranian mother next to her husband appeals to the Albanian authorities to grant her and her husband visas to come to Albania to meet their son Hassan Heirani. They have not met their son for 28 years, and even for 14 years they could not even talk to him, because the Rajavi Cult (Iranians in Manzeh) do not allow members of the Cult to contact family members.

The mother is ready to meet her son in Albania even in the presence of the Albanian authorities, so not only for herself, because she fears the slanderous campaign of the Rajavi Cult with “gogols” of the Iranian spy type, terrorists of the Tehran Regime, mercenaries of the mullahs of idiocy of this kind.

I believe that the Albanian authorities will grant Albanian visas to two elderly Iranian parents, otherwise I publicly promise that I will do not only what is possible, but also the impossible to stigmatize the wickedness and lack of human feelings among the high hierarchs of “Renaissance” of Prime Minister Rama.

I believe that it is worthwhile to provide this elderly couple with a visa, so that the renaissance does not pay the bill of a negative publicity inside and outside Albania.
In a situation overloaded with social tensions to the brink of explosion, I do not believe that “Rilindja” has the capacity to withstand an additional source of trouble and public unmasking !!!!

Gjergji Thanasi,

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