Son to his father hostage of MEK: We are ready to receive you any time!

Mehran Toosibakhsh; Massoud's son

The family of Massoud Toosi are looking forward for his return after 33 years. Massoud Toosi Bakhsh was married and had two sons when he was taken as war prisoner by the Iraqi forces in Iran-Iraq war, in 1988. He was soon taken to the headquarters of the Mujahedin Khalq (the MEK) in Iraq, Camp Ashraf. The MEK was an Iranian rebel movement sheltered and funded by Saddam Hussein as his private army.
The war ended; the POWs were exchanged between the two countries in 1989 but Massoud Toosi did not return home. He has been under the cult-like control of the MEK until today, as well as thousands of other MEK members.

Massoud Toosi Bakhsh wife and his sons

Milad and Mehran are the sons of Massoud. They have not been able to write to, call or meet their father in all these years. They were grown up by their mother who was actually become single by Massoud Rajavi who ordered members to divorce their spouses in reality and in their minds.

Massoud Toosi’s wife, Mahrokh Rabbani and her sons traveled to Iraq several times to meet him. They picketed behind the gates of Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty. They were never allowed to visit Massoud. They were even insulted by the group agents.
“Behind the walls of Camp Ashraf I shouted, ‘I am Mahrokh Rabani the wife of Massoud Toosi or as Mr. Rajavi says I am his sister!’” Mahrokh said in an interview with Nejat Society. “I said, ‘I am here. Come out to see me and you sons whom you loved a lot.’ “
Massoud Toosi was not allowed by the MEK leaders to contact his family. Moreover, the MEK propaganda website published an article allegedly signed by him in which he accused his family of being agents of the Iranian intelligence ministry and want to kill MEK members.

Massoud Toosi Bakhsh family at Nejat society office

Following the publication of such an article, certain former members of the group revealed that Massoud Toosi had never such a personality to write an article with such a literature. Defector, Hadi Shabani, notified that Massoud must have been under pressure by the group authorities to write the article. “We know well that you have issues with the Cult of Rajavi and you miss your sons so much,” Shabani addresses his ex-comrade. Ali Pourahmad, another former member of the MEK also writes, “I worked with Massoud Toosi in a unit. I remember that he had missed his sons very much, he did not want me to see his tears when he was talking about his sons.”

Nevertheless, Milad, Mehran and their mother did not stop taking actions in order to find a way to contact Massoud. In October, 2011, Milad who was only two years old when his father left home, published an open letter to his beloved father asking him to leave the MEK and get back to the family. Expressing his sufferings during the years of separation from his father he announced that he and his brother, Mehran would marry in that proper month. “Daddy! every one is waiting for you here”, Milad wrote. “I am looking forward for the ending of this separation. Dad! Mehran and I are going to get married on October, 20, 2011. I’d really like that you could join us for our wedding party.”

Mahrokh, Mehran and Milad are still suffering the long separation. In their recent video message, Mehran speaks to his father: “What have you done in all these thirty and some years? We are your family. What did you do for us? We are ready to receive you any time. We will support you if you get back.”

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