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Majid Mohammadi’s letter to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Majid Mohammadi;the MEK former member

Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague
Mr. Karim Khan

I am Majid Mohammadi. I was captured by Iraqi forces on June 25, 1988, during the Iran-Iraq war in the Shalamcheh operational area, while I was severely wounded. Due to a shrapnel wound, part of my right leg and also the nerve of my left leg were damaged. My left eye had lost about 70% of its vision. The Iraqis tortured me for two months in the south of Basra and in Baghdad, and finally transferred me to the Ramadi prisoner of war camp. I was very weak at that time and could not walk.

In 1989, officials of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult) carried out extensive propaganda in the camps of Iranian prisoners in Iraq. The organization toured to and from the camp where I was, and they took me to Camp Ashraf with deception and false promises.
On the other hand, my cousin and his wife were among the officials of the organization, who also tried to attract me. As soon as I joined the MEK, operations against the Kurds in northern Iraq began. After a while, I found a complete recovery in the organization. In those days, it seems that my cousin had distanced himself from the organization due to a dispute in the organization over the forced divorces. When he saw me once, he told me that I had no place here and asked me to write a report to my supervisor to request that I be returned to Iran. I did write a letter and submitted my request. At first, they did not answer me. After a while, I was taken to a hall and a meeting was held for me in a large gathering.

Majid Mohammadi;the MEK former member

Majid Mohammadi;the MEK former member

Following the meeting, the men and women officials of the MEK expressed their condolences to me and stated that my parents had been executed by the Iranian government because of my presence in the MEK. This news was very shocking and that is why I decided to stay in MEK again and take revenge on the Iranian government. Of course, I later found out that the organization had lied to me and wanted to keep me in its cultic relations with this deception.

The MEK had banned marriage and no one had the right to marry, and Rajavi stated that no one would marry for the rest of his life. The members had no right to have a family other than the Rajavis. In the cultic relations of the organization, I could never talk to my friends, and if this was done, I would have to be sharply criticized in brainwashing meetings and collective pressure, and the criticism was always accompanied by insults and humiliation and sometimes beatings.

After the overthrow of Saddam Hussein in 2003, families approached to Camp Ashraf to visit their loved ones, my parents were among the families too. I was very shocked to see them and realized that the officials of the organization lied to me and I lived for many years with the grief of the execution of my parents, and this is how they wanted to keep me in the organization with this dirty trick.

I asked the officials of the MEK that they lied to me all these years and with this lie great psychological pressure was put on me. The officials had no answer and said that it must have been wrong. This deception of the MEK caused me to live under psychological pressure for nearly 13 years.
After meeting with my family, I decided to run away from the organization, but while fleeing, I was arrested, assaulted and imprisoned. They tried to force me to stay in the relationship with mental and physical pressures, but I had made my decision.

During the time I was in the relations of the MEK, I lived permanently with a big lie and they ruined my youth. How they destroyed my life, my youth and my health all these years.
I am ready to testify in every court about the crimes against humanity within the MEK, and I am one of the plaintiffs of the leaders of this organization.

Majid Mohammadi,
Pol-e Sefid – Mazandaran – Iran

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