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Hamid Dehdar Hassani’s letter to the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Dear Mr. Karim Asad Khan
Distinguished Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

I am Hamid Dehdar Hassani, a former member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult). I was present at the headquarters of this organization called Ashraf Camp in Iraq from 1987 to 2002. As you know, 42 of my friends who spent years of their lives in the MEK, recently filed a lawsuit against the leaders of the MEK on behalf of other former members in Branch 55 of the Tehran International Court of Justice. Finally, after the necessary investigations, a final verdict was issued condemning the leaders of the MEK. The case and the related documents were delivered to the Secretariat of the International Court of Justice in The Hague on 5 June 2021 for your consideration and follow-up. I am ready to testify in any international court in this regard.

Your Excellency,
As an eyewitness who has spent 15 years of his life in the MEK, I am ready to bring to you examples of crimes that the leaders of the MEK have committed and still commit against their members over the years:

1. All members of the MEK are deprived of their basic human rights, including the right to contact the family and friends, the right to marry and to form a family, as declared in the UN Charter of Human Rights.
2- Unpaid forced labor is continuously and extensively carried out by the MEK officials.
3- Those who wanted to leave the MEK were reprimanded by the leaders and subjected to the most severe mental and even physical pressures, and were eventually sent to solitary confinement in Camp Ashraf or to Abu Ghraib Prison in Iraq. I am a clear example of the fact that in 2001, when I asked to leave the MEK in order to pursue my life, the authorities sent me to solitary confinement after exerting severe pressure, and sometime later sent me to Abu Ghuraib prison.
4- I know many people in the MEK who committed suicide and self-immolation as a result of being subjected to psychological torture by the MEK leaders.
5- There is no freedom of expression and freedom of opinion in the MEK. Any expression of opposition to the orders of the organization has been and is prohibited.
6- In 2011, after forced divorces, the MEK officials forcibly separated hundreds of children from their parents in Camp Ashraf and displaced them in European and American countries. Parents never had the right to question about the fate of their children.

Dear Prosecutor,
I have hundreds of other examples of the atrocities and crimes that the MEK has committed against its members over the years. As a victim of the MEK, I urge you to prioritize the file of 42 former members against the leaders of the MEK. In the hope that justice will be done.

Thank You,
Hamid Dehdar Hassani
Ahvaz – Khuzestan – Iran

Hamid Dehdar Hassani

Hamid Dehdar Hassani

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