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Nejat Newsletter No. 88

Nejat NewsLetter - No.88

Inside this Issue:

Defectors of the Mujahedin Khalq (MEK) who reside in Albania established an association to support the MEK defectors in Albania. Hassan Heirani, former member of the MEK announced the establishment of the associationNejat NewsLetter - No.88 which is supposed to help Iranians who leave the MEK’s camp in Durres, near Tirana. “The Association was registered as a legal institute to support those who defect the Cult of Rajavi,” Hassan Heirani said.

– MEK defector testifies about emotional suppression in the group
Gholam Mirzai is in his fifties. He defected the Mujahedin Khalq in Albania, three years ago and he re turned to his home town a year later. Gholam writes about his experiences of living in the cult-like structure of the group for Nejat society website. His recent piece published on the Persian page of the website points out certain cases of Mujahed mothers whose kids were separated..

– Baba Adam Theater Show in Tehran
A play called Baba Adam has been staged by the City Theatre in Tehran. The play charts the journey of the father from Iran to Iraq in search of his long-lost son who is a member of the MEK. On arriving at Camp Ashraf, instead of letting him know that his son is alive or not, fanatics of the MEK throw stones at him and break his head.

Amin Golmaryami came to Germany as a refugee child. When he was 15, he was taken from Cologne to Iraq together with many other young people, he says – to a military camp run by an Iranian organization called the People’s Mojahedin. He is the first of those victims of this political cult to make his story public under his name.

– Nine Women Under the Rule of Massoud Rajavi
A sample of nine women in Rajavi cult Former member of the group writes of nine women of hundreds who were oppressed under the cult-like structure of the group. Maryam Sanjabi who escaped the MEK’s notorious base, Camp Ashraf, in Iraq in 2011, recalls the stories of these women under the abusive ruling
of the MEK authorities. In her recent article she writes of a large number of female members of the group who were under severe suppression in the group although they were allegedly members of the MEK’s so called Elite council.“Among the nine hundred women who have been taken as hostages by the Cult of Rajavi, I know at least a hundred who have been dissidents to the group,”Maryam Sanjabi writes.“As I and other former members have revealed, Mehri Musavi, Minoo Fathali, Zahra Feizbakhsh and Nasrin Ahmadi
were killed under the order of Massoud Rajavi and by Mah vash Sepehri, Faezeh Mohabat kar and some other criminal commanders of the MEK.”

– Petition of The MEK members’ families
More than 1,700 awaiting families of nearly 700 captured members in the MEK camp in Albania, signed a petition to the International Criminal Court, to which a list of signatures was sent.

– Extreme cultic abuse used by Rajavi to control and exploit the members
Zeit Online in Germany has published another lengthy and informative piece by Louisa Hommerich.
Last week the MEK exploded with anger at publication of her interview with a former MEK member
and child soldier who has now returned to Germany. He accepted to be named and he talked in some
depth about the abuses committed against the children of MEK members like himself. This led to the
MEK issuing defamatory rants and death threats against Hommerich.

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