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Marriage and Family Formation: Unacknowledged Rights in MEK Cult

Sanaz Bazazian and Bijan Khademi

A website affiliated with ex-MEK members wrote about the defection of two members from the group’s base in Tirana, Albania.

Only three days had elapsed since defecting from the group when Bijan Khademi and Sanaz Bazzazian decided to unite in marriage and start a family, which is a remarkable event.

Sanaz Bazazian and Bijan Khademi

Sanaz Bazazian and Bijan Khademi got married in Albania after separating from the Mujahedin-e Khalq

To us, two people becoming man and wife may not be a surprising matter. However, when it comes to cults where members are deprived of the right to create families, the issue becomes much more noticeable. For over three decades, by order of the cult’s leader, Rajavi, members have been prohibited from establishing families and even worse, formerly married couples were forced to split up and their children were separated from them in the 1980s.

Since 2003, there has been a growing trend in defecting from this cult with majority of members leaving this violent group for emotional and sentimental reasons in order to reunite with their families.

Widely acknowledged by ex-members, sexual desires are completely suppressed in the group, and even in general meetings, members are required to report their erotic fantasies to their superintendent on a daily basis.

The tendency to get married and form a family is one of the most basic human needs and this issue is one of the major criticisms the group constantly faces for which, of course, has not provided any response so far.

There are numerous women approaching middle age in this cult. Marriage and motherhood are their rights. Each and every single cult-oppressed individuals must be given voice.

by Reza Alghurabi

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