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FOX News Deliberate Misinformation

Warmonger Joe Lieberman Argues for Attack on Iran. FOX News Continues to ID Him as a Democrat.

This is getting downright annoying! FOX News is continuing its blatant policy of identifying Connecticut Sen. Joseph Lieberman as a Democrat when he is, in fact, an Independent. A month ago during a spate of interviews with the Senator, they consistently misidentified him as a Democrat. To date, there have been no corrections or on-air apologies to the Democratic Party. On Friday July 6, 2007 during Special Report, no less a personage than Jim Angle called Lieberman "a Democrat" and later aired a clip from the original set of interviews with Lieberman designated as D-CT. I think it’s time for Democrats to contact the DNC requesting that they demand that FOX News cease and desist from this DELIBERATE misinformation campaign. Of course, good old war loving Joe was interviewed because he had just written an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal calling once again for military action against Iran.

The Connecticut Independent Senator must be really worried that the timetable calling for a new Mideast war this month might go down the drain because so many prominent Republicans are jumping off the Iraq bandwagon. Brigitte Gabriel was worried enough about an American pullout from Iraq that she let the cat out of the bag, telling Neil Cavuto on May 22nd that "as long as we have our troops in Iraq, we will enable Israel to use the Iraqi air space in order for Israel to blow up or attack the Iranian nuclear plants in Iran. The only way Israel will be able to get to Iran is via the Iraqi air space."

Angle aired a report by Jennifer Griffin that included statements about Iran made by an "Iranian dissident" named Alireza Jafarzadeh, author of The Iran Threat and founder of Strategic Policy Consulting, Inc. Jafarzadeh is a member of the NCRI (National Council of Resistance in Iran). In other words this guy, who has lived in the United States since 1979, stands to benefit greatly by an attack on Iran both monetarily and through enhanced prestige.

All of this is really sounding more and more like the phony-baloney build-up we all went through before the failed war in Iraq! The same cast of characters, with the names changed. There are the so-called "dissidents" or "refugees" who are making oodles of money painting a horrible picture of life inside Iran. There are Israeli lobbyists throwing tons of money at the Washington establishment and lots of pro-war "experts" crawling out from the dark recesses of conservative think tanks, all sounding alarm bells about the "imminent" nuclear threat. There are certain trusted Senators who can be counted on to fan the flames of war with overheated rhetoric.

FOX even included a statement from Iraqi President Jalal Talabani that accused Iran and Syria of meddling in Iraqi affairs and blaming both countries for the sectarian violence that has occurred in the past four years. As Griffin put it: "Iraq’s President said that, if Iran and Syria had been working with Iraq in the past four years instead of facilitating the attackers, then it would have been seventy percent easier, he said, to cut down on terrorist attacks inside Baghdad and Iraq. That would mean seventy percent fewer bombings."

Reported by Marie Therese

News Hounds

July 8, 2007


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