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MEK misinformation in Albanian media

The Albanian website shqiptarja.com published an article on January 6, 2018 about the new location of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO, Rajavi Cult) in Albania which included some fabricated lies as quotes by the MEK.

It is worth clearing up a few facts about the MEK regarding this article:

  1. There are no families in the MEK camps in Albania whatsoever who might possibly move first to the new camp. In the Rajavi Cult celibacy is compulsory and contacting people’s families is forbidden unless in special circumstances such that there is a chance for deceptively recruiting members or collecting funds from them.
  1. The cost of buying several acres of land and building new facilities and providing sophisticated security measures, as well as hiring private security firms for protection, could not be paid for by some Iranian refugees in Europe.
  1. The security excuse to stop the families entering Albania to see their loved ones is a totally fabricated lie. The families, who can easily prove their relationship with the cult members, would never try to harm their loved ones.
  1. The main reason for the MEK leaving Tirana and moving to a remote place is to isolate the members from the free outside world and to impose even more restrictions on their connections and relationships in order to better brainwash and control them.
  1. The neighboring residents in Tirana were discontented with their behavior and found them unbearable. The Rajavi Cult never wishes to have contact with the local people since they are afraid that their weird cultic relations be revealed.

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