Things are changing for the better, Thanasi told Nejat families

In a video link between a number of Nejat families whose loves ones are taken as hostages in the group and ASILA members in Albania, Mr. Thanasi told families:” things are changing for the better.

Referring to the Camp Ashraf 3 residents, Thanasi said:” there is hope. There is an alternative for these inmates. The alternative is to have a normal life in Tirana.
He reiterated that the new legislation helps these people from Hassan Heirani to the last inmate of Ashraf 3 to find a job in Albania.

Referring to the harsh conditions of living in the closed camp of the MEK, Thanasi said to the families that we should help the MEK members to release themselves, otherwise the alternative for them would be to stay at Ashraf and die because of Covid 19. “I have published a lot of photos of graves of the people died in Ashraf Camp because of lack of medical helps.”
Gjergji Thanasi is an Albanian a journalist and a member of ASILA Association.

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