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I come from the land of pain and suffering – Part two

I was subjected to the most horrendous physical and psychological torture during my stay in solitary confinement. I was verbally abused; physically assaulted; psychologically tortured, starved, deprived of warm water in winter, denied air condition during the 50 degree centigrade summer days in Baghdad. My cell was infested with cockroaches and mosquitoes. I was subjected to general and localized torture for at least 13 times.

Sometimes in the middle of 1374{year beginning on 21 March 1995}, following my loud protests (complaining about the abhorrent prison condition and the fact that I was being prevented from seeing my wife and daughter), they moved me again from my cell in the middle of the night while the streets at Ashraf Base were deserted. They had feared that other inmates might recognize my voice. They tied my hands and blindfolded me. I was transferred to another secret jail on the same base. However, after nine months, I was transferred back to the original cell. They didn’t allow me to speak to my wife for four and half years. They finally letme to speak to my wife sometimes in Ordibehesht – Khordad 1375 [April-May 1996].

Mohammd Hussein Sobhani

Mohammd Hussein Sobhani

This was meant to break me and bring me down to my knees. Rajavi allowed me to speak to my wife for only 10 minutes. In a letter, Mr. Rajavi, had asked me to forget the past and assured me that the regime [Islamic Republic of Iran] was about to be toppled!! I was kept in solitary confinement until Esfand 1376 [March 1996] when I received another letter from Mr. Rajavi. During this period, I was not allowed to call my daughter or even write to her. They did not even give me the letters or photographs she had sent me.

I received another letter from Mr. Rajavi in Esfand 1376 [March 1996]. Subsequently, I was taken to a meeting attended by Mahvash Sepehri,Mehdi Abrishamchi, Fahimeh Arvani,Mahbubeh Jamshidi,seyed Mohamamd Seyyed-al-Mohaddesin, Mohammad ali Tohidi and Mohammad Ali Jaberzadeh. I asked them to let me see my daughter. They agreed on the condition that I should stay anther three years at a so-called suitable place but in solitary confinement (prisoners called it Rajavi’s Hostel) they said that I would be allowed to visit my daughter in Denmark afterwards. I accepted but insisted that I must be allowed to either call my daughter or stay in touch with her through letters. However, right before transferring me from my solitary confinement at Ashraf to another jail in Badie, which by all accounts was a better facility, they asked me to sign a letter stating that I was willing going to spend three years at the so-called Rajavi’s military hostel. I refused at first which prompted them to delay my transfer for two weeks. However, at the end I signed the letter in hope of being able to speak to my daughter and exchange letters with her.

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