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I come from the land of pain and suffering – Part three

Towards the end of March 1997[Esfand 1376], I was transferred to Badie Prison. They used to take me to Baghdad once every month or 45 days in order to wipe away the effects of years of spending in solitary confinement.

However, Mr. Rajavi did not keep his promise and didn’t allow me to call my daughter in Denmark. They also refused to give me her letters and photographs. They only let me have two or three old letters and photographs from my daughters dating back to 1992 and 1993. They, however, remained silent when I asked why they had not let me to have the most recent letters and photographs sent to me by my daughter. I had drawn up an escape plan which I put to work on 24 Tir 1378[15 July 1999] when taken to Baghdad to get some air( I must explain that at least five or six Rajavi’s trusted officials driving two Land cruisers would guard and watch me on these outings). Not having good commands of foreign languages, I had memorized BBC radio’s [Persian section] telephone number, hoping to speak with a Farsi-speaking individual.

Unfortunately, I was not able to contact the station or my family for that matter. Instead, I went to UN headquarters in Baghdad on 25 Tir 1378 between 1200 and 1300 local time. I noticed that four members of the organization had been waiting for me in their land cruiser hoping to capture me. I started running and hit the UN building’s glass front door. The MKO members tried to grab me and force me into the car. I, however, resisted their attempts until the people inside the UN building came out. The police stationed next to the UN building came out. The police stationed next to the UN building came out. The police stationed next to the UN building began shooting in the air. The UN personnel took me away from them and placed me under their protection. But, unfortunately, as soon as the officers from Iraqi intelligence and Security Organization (Mukhaberat) arrived on the scene, I was turned over to them. I was transferred to the local police station after half an hour (UN office in Baghdad holds a file on this incident).

Iraqi intelligence and security officers moved me from the police station to Mojahedin Khalq Organization’s military base in Baghdad and handed me over to the office of Abu-Sayf [ A high ranking Iraqi intelligence officer who liaison between the government and MKO]. After the arrival of Ebrahim Zakeri and his discussions with Abu-Sayf, I realized that the MKO would like to take over my custody from Iraqi intelligence and security forces. Ebrahim Zakeri and a few other MKO members blindfolded and handcuffed me and pulled sheet over my head before taking me to the infamous “Hostel” to street NO 100 in Ashraf Base.

To be continued

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