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Journalist award “The staying power” for research on the MEK

The award goes to Luisa Hommerich

Luisa Hommerich

Berlin (dpa) – The journalist Luisa Hommerich has been honored with a prize for her research into the influence of the Iranian opposition group People’s Mujahideen in Germany. She received the 1st prize in the “The long breath” award, as the DJV Berlin − Journalists’ Association Berlin-Brandenburg announced on Thursday.

According to the information, she researched for “Zeit Magazin” and “Spiegel”. Among other things, it is about a dropout who reports on his experiences with the group.

Luisa Hommerich

Luisa Hommerich

The “Staying Power” prize was awarded for the 15th time. It honors media professionals who conduct investigative research on socially relevant topics and courageously bring them to the public. The prizes are endowed with a total of 6000 euros. The prerequisite for a nomination is that you live and work in Berlin or Brandenburg.

Yaghmaee and Golmaryami

Second prize went to reporters Adrian Bartocha and Jan Wiese from the ARD broadcaster Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg (RBB). They researched trafficking in Vietnamese children and young people.
The 3rd prize was awarded to Kersten Augustin and Sebastian Erb from the daily newspaper “taz” based in Berlin. They reported on cases of right-wing extremism in the Bundestag police. Only on Wednesday did it become known that the team of authors also received second prize in the daily press’ Guardian Prize for this research. The prize is one of the most renowned journalism awards in Germany and has been awarded since 1969.


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