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Letter of Issa Akbarzadeh’s brother to Albanian Prime Minister

Issa Akbarzadeh

To his excellency, the Albanian Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Edi Rama
I am Mohammad Akbarzadeh, the brother of Issa Akbarzadeh. Issa was working in Turkey in 2001 when the recruiters of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) kidnapped him and transferred him to their headquarters, Camp Ashraf in Iraq under fake promises of job and residence in Europe.
My brother has been taken as a hostage in the MEK’s camp in Albania and unfortunately, due to the cult-like regulations of the group, he is deprived form all types of communication with his family.
My family and I have had no news of my brother for years. We are really concerned about him. There are also other families who have no possibility to contact their loved ones in Albania and they are seriously worried.

Issa Akbarzadeh

Issa Akbarzadeh

I am pleased to send you some photos and let you be the judge. The first one is a photo of my brother taken for his passport when he was 24 years old. The second one, wearing military uniform shows my brother two years later at Camp Ashraf. It was taken in 2003. At the time, the MEK allowed families to have a short visit with their children in Camp Ashraf under the sever control of several of its commanders. Rajavi imagined that members could influence their families to join the group but it turned out in an opposite way and therefore, any contact with family became forbidden. The last photo relates eight years later, my brother’s departure from Camp Ashraf, taken by an Iraqi soldier.

His excellency,
Why is that a 35-year-old young man look so old, with fake teeth and whatever you see in the photo? Isn’t it because of forced labor and mental torture?
We intend to travel to your country in order to visit my brother but the government of Albania does not issue visa for Iranian families. This is what the terrorist Cult of Rajavi wants. They fear the presence of families in Albania because families can influence members and inform them about the outside world.
The destructive cult of Rajavi is anti-family. It considers family as its main enemy so it always makes efforts to cause separation between members of the cult and their families.
I really appreciate your approval regarding visa issuance for us in order to our traveling to Albania to visit our loved ones.

Yours Sincerely,
Mohammad Akbarzadeh
Qazvin, Iran

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