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Annual Meeting of the Mujahedin-e Khalq: Rental Audiences

MEK rally with rented audiences

The propaganda meeting of the terrorist group of Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK/MKO) known as the Kahkeshan meetings (meaning Galaxy), led by Maryam Rajavi, is held every year in June or July, with false statistics of the fake Iranian fans who support this group. Most Iranian political observers, meanwhile, say the MEK has the least support in Iran and has been widely hated for its use of violence and its close ties to Israeli intelligence. As it is clear from the Western media coverage of the previous conferences of the group, the terrorist group of MEK, in order to pretend that a large number of Iranians support them, try to attract a large number of needy foreign students and asylum seekers every year with different nationalities by widespread invitations, and even attracting homeless people with the promise of free travel to Europe and free meals and even paying money, encourage them to attend these conferences.

MEK rally with rented audiences

The images and information of these gatherings show that people with significant populations and non-Iranian citizenship participate in these conferences as supporters of the MEK who are unaware of the goals of these programs. Due to unemployment and poverty, these people are said to be hired by the MEK cult to make a living by participating in these gatherings, so displaced people, asylum seekers from African countries and the gypsies are brought to the gatherings to fill vacant seats. “Most of those present at the MEK’s rally in Berlin were brought to Berlin by a group of schools from Poland and the Czech Republic to fill the seats in the hall,” the Associated Press reported. According to the report, some of the participants in the gathering also told the Associated Press reporter that they had come to that place with the promise of traveling to Berlin and staying in a hotel. Also, the videos released from these gatherings show that non-Iranians have a significant population compared to Iranian participants (MEK members).

News agencies have previously released a video showing that the vast majority of participants are non-Iranians and, as separatists say, are supplicants collected from some African, Asian and some European countries, and came to the ceremony with the promise of “a few hot meals” and “some financial aid”.

Alina Alimkova is a Kyrgyz girl who attended a MEK conference in Paris

Alina Alimkova is a Kyrgyz girl who attended a MEK conference in Paris

The French newspaper Le Monde published a report in which several participants in a conference of the MEK were interviewed. Alina Alimkova is a Kyrgyz girl who attended a MEK conference in Paris. This person also says that she does not know a single Persian word and does not know much about issues related to Iran, but she decides to travel to Paris with a good offer to attend a conference for a few days sightseeing in Paris. She says all the passengers on the eight buses from Prague to Paris with him are young, and most of them are students and all of them, she says, somehow hired via the internet. According to the Kyrgyz student, no one knew exactly what the purpose of the trip was.

Of course, the MEK acted a little more selectively and in the following years, and instead of the people of color who were found in the ceremonies every year, they turned to people with faces from East Asia, West Asian Arabs, and Afghans and Pakistanis to make more ordinary faces for the ceremonies.

MEK rally

The group of MEK is known for paying very high prices. Details released so far from the meeting indicate that each refugee will receive around € 30 to € 50 a day plus food, and that each person who can bring 20 to 30 people to the meeting will receive around € 1,500.

In the most optimistic case, if we consider half of the participants in these meetings to be people of Iranian nationality, according to the Guardian in connection with one of these meetings, the other half of them include a set of Poles, Czechs, Slovaks, Germans and Syrians were impatient to respond to the Facebook campaign that promised travel, food and accommodation in Paris for only 25 euros. Hundreds of Syrian refugees based in Germany also attended the meeting. Many of these people were napping under the trees during the ceremonies.

“We saw the deal on Facebook and agreed to go on holiday,” said a young Syrian mother with her two young children, sitting on the conference floor. I have never seen Paris and I do not know anything about the MEK.

In the last year of the meeting before the Covid-19 epidemic, with a fake scenario they accused an Iranian diplomat for bombing the meeting and despite the Corona epidemic, in previous years the meeting was held online, which due to the display of duplicate images on the screen It can be said that very few members of the MEK were present at these meetings. However, if this conference is online, you can see new duplicate images of members who have been forced to attend the event, or if the event is held in person due to coronavirus vaccines, perhaps we will see rented spectators and same repetitive speakers of previous years with the same stereotype themes again.

Just as the MEK, despite their enmity with the United States and even the killing of a number of Americans, forgot their long-standing enmity with the United States after the fall of Saddam and turned to what was doubly beneficial to them (during a large meeting in the camp Ashraf in Iraq After the fall of Saddam, Rajavi announced that the owner of our house had changed and we had to adjust to the new owner and we had to go with the tide). The United States has shown again and again that it is not a trustworthy country. For the United States, every group, organization, country, and even political authority is supported only as long as it benefits the country and then will be replaced very quickly and all US obligations to that group or country will be severed. As we have seen in previous year, the United States, in a shocking move in fighting the Taliban, left Afghanistan very quickly after 20 years at a cost of $ 1 trillion, left this country and its defenseless people alone. The Afghan army, which was under the direct training of the US military and had all kinds of military equipment, could not even resist the Taliban, who had simple military equipment, for two weeks, and suffered defeat.

Although the group has paid large sums of money to remove the organization from the list of American terrorist organizations (FTO), as well as for the presence of political speakers from this country in the meetings of the MEK, but it will definitely be supported as long as it serves their interests.

“I wonder why the United States works with organizations like the Mojahedin, because they are local and they are ready to work for us, we used to call them a terrorist organization, and of course they are still a terrorist organization! However, they are our terrorists now! and we do not hesitate to send them to Iran for routine intelligence activities, to monitor Iran’s nuclear program, to triangle targets for air strikes, and perhaps to set up secret camps to control military locations in Iran, as well as a bit of sabotage” Ray McGovern, a former CIA operative, spoke about the MEK. Also, Karen Kwiatkowski, a former member of Ministry of Defense: “The MEK is ready to do things that we are ashamed of and try to keep quiet about. But we will use them for such tasks!”

The presence of various terrorist groups in Albania and the recent acceptance that Albania has given the green light to accept Afghan refugees from Afghanistan in this country, indicates the presence of new forces instead of the group of MEK, that due to the old age, the members of this terrorist group, have lost their military effectiveness, and this issue can explain the significant reduction in the presence of political officials at their previous annual gathering, and also the closure of the MEK’s virtual accounts for propaganda and provocative activities against Iran by Facebook, an American company under the auspices of the US government, it represents that the bases for the United States to cut ties with the MEK in the near future is getting ready.

On the other hand, the financial and arms support of the Saudi intelligence service to most of the anti-Iranian terrorists have led to a sharp divide between these opposition groups instead of converging. In fact, a closer look at the organizational levels and the way these groups operate reveals that their lives are tied to be the opposition to the Islamic Republic. These groups receive money from Saudi Arabia and countries opposed to Iran in order to speak against Iran and inwardly they have no interest in harming the Islamic Republic one day, because then they will have no financial support anymore and why a group want to stop receiving these financial aids. The MEK are in the same situation, they consider themselves superior to other opposition groups and introduce other groups as elements of the Iranian government, which certainly even a child does not imagine that if one day in an imagination or an American dream the United States conquers Iran, it is impossible to hand it over to the elderly of the Rajavi cult. In fact, this cult has only tools and propaganda use for the United States.

If we take a closer look at the MEK group, we will see that this cult is alive only with the millions of dollars it receives from the Saudi Arabia and the United States, and it does not like to return to the military world again and they just limit themselves to put up a poster on a deserted street in one of Iran’s sparsely populated cities, or by giving money, it causes 20 people in Iran to march in a secluded park and chant anti-government slogans which no one can hear them.

The MEK are now safe inside their troll farm in the camp Ashraf, Albania, where they spend US-Saudi dollars in isolation and hold an annual propaganda campaign to mention that they are still alive, and are jeering at their financial suppliers and spend the last hours of their lives in the peace of a country in Eastern Europe, while they are going toward the dustbin of history.

by Global Times

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