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First call after 35 years of imprisonment in the Cult of Rajavi

Hamid Mohammad Atabay contacted his family after 35 years of imprisonment in the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (aka the Cult of Rajavi). Atabay has recently escaped the group’s camp in north of Tirana, Albania. He had been taken as a hostage by the MEK’s agents in Iran-Iraq war when he was a young soldier.

The recently defected member of the MEK cult could manage to break through the bars of the cult which are highly guarded by its security forces. The MEK’s camp Ashraf 3 in Manza, a village located in 30 kilometers north of Tirana, is notoriously known as a cult container of which members are not allowed to get out. They can only get out of the camp under the supervision of their commanders and peers who spy them. To his family’s surprise he contacted them immediately after he found himself free in the outside world.

Atabay Family

The family of Hamid Mohammad Atabay contact him after 35 years

Hamid Mohammad Atabay joined the association for the support of Iranian Living in Albania (ASILA) immediately after he left the Cult of Rajavi. ASILA is supposed to help MEK defectors deradicalized aiding them to build a normal life in the Albanian society.

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