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Ghafoor Fattahian’s open letter to the Prime Minister of Albania

Ghafoor Fattahian - MEK defector living in France

Mr. Ghafoor Fattahian, a former member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK, MKO) living in France, wrote a letter to the Prime Minister of Albania regarding the arbitrary arrest of 6 former members of the Rajavi Cult in Albania, the text of which is as follows:

Mr. Edi Rama, the honorable Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania
Greetings and happy new year

If the action is about arrest, imprisonment and deportation, this should include Maryam Rajavi and her terrorist aides in the Rajavi’s cult in the camp known as “Ashraf 3”. Not some helpless Iranian refugees who entered your country legally about 7 years ago and lived in Albania during this time, and of course they no longer wanted to be a member of a terrorist cult and now have families and jobs and have never committed the slightest illegal act so far.

Mr. Prime Minister
I am Ghafoor Fattahian, I spent more than twenty years of the best time of my life and youth professionally and day and night in different camps of this cult in Iraq, in physical and psychological captivity. Maryam Rajavi and her aides have taken away any freedom of action and left no rights for anyone. Maryam Rajavi told us that our only right is to sacrifice and die for Masoud Rajavi’s wishes.
In the MEK, if anyone even thinks against Massoud Rajavi’s wishes, they hold him accountable in the mass psychological suppression meetings that were held every day and harass him to the extent that he would regret the wishes, and if he did not, he would be sent to the solitary prisons that were built in different places of Ashraf camp in Iraq. But if this person still did not pull back of his demands, they would hand him over to the dreaded prison of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorial regime in Abu Ghraib, west of Baghdad. It is clear what would happen to the prisoner over there. Even now, apparently, the same is done in the same way in Albania and they send their defectors to prison.

Mr. Prime Minister
If I want to recount all the tortures that were inflicted on me and people like me in Ashraf Camp in Iraq, I would need to write a big book. But I would like to prove my words anywhere and, in any court, and speak and prove my claims because this cult has captured and sacrificed a number of the best young people of Iran for many years under the pretext of overthrowing the Islamic Republic, and even now in Albania there are a number of individuals that have been kept arrested in the same way as in Iraq and kept them away from the free world.
The people living in the camp of the Rajavi cult in Albania have not had any contact with their families for more than thirty years due to the obstruction of the organization’s leaders, and no matter how much the families of these people tried to contact their loved ones, the officials of this cult, with the cooperation of the Albanian government, have blocked communication.

Mr. Prime Minister
In this regard, I request you not to let the Rajavi cult led by Maryam Rajavi abuse their presence in your country and put pressure on the refugees who fled from this cult, like today when some of these refugees are in a closed camp in your country and deprived of freedom.
I request you to release them as soon as possible. The Iranian friends and families of these people and the people of Iran will not forget the kindness and hospitality of the Albanian government and nation.

Ghafoor Fattahian
Former member of the MEK
Paris – December 2022

Ghafoor Fattahian - MEK defector living in France

Ghafoor Fattahian – MEK defector living in France

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