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MKO ex-member open letter to the Prime-Minister of Albania

Honorable Prime-Minister of Albania Mr. Edi RAMA

You have announced that Albanian government is expecting to accept and accommodate 1900 members of people’s mojahedin organization of Iran who are against the clerical-regime of Iran and currently are living in the refugee camp of liberty which is situated near to Baghdad international airport till the end of 2016 in Tirana. we have become very glad and happy while we heard this news because in the past year despite of Rajavi’s aversion and reluctancy for sending the members to Albania hundreds of those stuck and stranded members could get out of the Ragavi’s mafia-organization in Iraq to Albania.

Some of those members as a result of too much pressure escaped from this organization based in Albania and some of them began revealing some of their painful experiences and psychological pressures while they were in that horrible and notorious organization and others began their new life outside of the organization. I urge you to accept the responsibility of their transfer procedures from Iraq to Albania directly by yourself and do not allow the leaders of this organization to build up another prison like the one they had in Iraq in your country Albania and do not allow the leaders of this notorious and dangerous cult to control and run the members’ daily affaires. we have this knowledge and experience about this notorious cult and we would like to share it with you that all those members of this cult who come to your country from Iraq are all prisoners of this cult because the leaders of this dangerous cult do not allow the members even those who have separated from this cult to have any communication with the outside world and their families.

Each one of those stranded members of this notorious cult have been away from their families and loved-ones from 15 to 40 years and they have not had any communication with their loved-ones whatsoever because the leadership of this religious and dangerous cult call the families and loved-ones as enemy !! and the leadership of this cult indoctrinate them that all families and loved-ones are members of the Iranian Intelligence service!! the leadership of this cult have chosen and designated some of its high ranking officers with covered faces to insult and attack verbally and physically the families and loved-ones of those stranded members who come to the Liberty Camp in iraq to visit their loved-ones . What do those families want? they want to see their loved-ones who have not seen them for decades, this is the first and primary rights of each family to reunite with their loved-one, is this democracy or dictatorship??!!, yes the leadership of this cult pretends that they are pro democracy and freedom and human rights but in fact they are abusing the first and primary rights which exist in all democratic and progressive countries.

Your Excellency,

As you know the Ragavi cult does not have popularity among Iranian people neither in Iran nor outside of Iran and all those people you see in their ceremonies and gatherings and etc are from different nationalities and countries such as Afghanestan , Iraq , Syria , and the people specially university students from Eastern-Europe. The leadership of this cult claim that all those participants in those gatherings are Iranian and take advantage of their participation and their names and pictures in those ceremonies specially in France for their propaganda and political interests .

I urge you as you have accepted them in your country and have rescued their lives from the hellish Iraq do your best for those members of this cult to have communication and face to face meetings with their families and loved-ones in your country because most of these members have been deprived of meeting and visiting their families and loved-ones for decades and the leadership of this organisation have prevented their families to meet or visit their loved-ones in this horrible and notorious cult because the leadership of this cult is afraid of any communication of its own members with outside world specially with families because they believe that any communication , meeting , visiting and etc will open their minds about the outside world and the reality of the real essence of this cult so they will separate from the cult and begin a new life . I thank you and i am very grateful to you and your endeavors for helping those members in your country.


Zahra Moeini, Iran Zanan Association,19 June 2016

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